What kind of systems you guys runnin out there?


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Username: Legitdank

Mayfield Hts, Ohio United states

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i myself, have 2 audiobahn aw1200q 700rms 1400watt max subs, power acoustic amp about 1000 watts when bridged. and yes mine is bridged.

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I have two Pyramid 8's with a realistic 1000x1 mono amp at 4ohms. It sounds pretty kickass! I have them in a isobaric enclosure and I hit about 65DB's it is actually p[retty nice when my amp doesnt clip out cause of overpowering and the THD is about 65% but on certain notes it hits hard!

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Username: Glasswolf

NorthWest, Michigan USA

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2001 jeep grand cherokee limited
•stock infinity gold system with 10 disc changer
•infinity basslink X 10" sub
•factory alarm with 2 stage DEI impact sensor
•escort 8500 X50 blue radar detector

1994 jeep grand cherokee laredo
•alpine CDA-9813 source
•alpine 3339 11 band graphic EQ
•orion 300PRQ pre-amp/EQ
•orion 2125SX amplifier
•infinity kappa perfect 6.1 front stage
•infinity reference 652i rear fill
•(2) cerwin-vega LE12D 12" subs, vented
•hand built passive crossover networks
•165A alternator and yellow top battery isolated
•4AWG power distribution
•clarion ungo alarm system
•whistler remote radar/lidar detector

1966 dodge charger
•alpine CDA-7990 source
•(2) audiocontrol EQT EQs
•orion 300PSW preamp/parametric EQ
•orion 200CRX electronic crossover, 2-way
•orion 400BDG bridging module
•(3) orion 2250SX amplifiers
•dynaudio system 360 front stage
•(2)resonant engineering triple X 12" subs
•aperiodic enclosure, front loaded membranes
•orion mbr70 multi-battery isolator
•optima red top starter battery
•(2) optima yellow top deep cycle batteries
•270A alternator
•0ga power distribution
•compustar 2WSSS-AS alarm/remote starter
•valentine one radar detector

last competition vehicle;
1988 ford festiva
•Pioneer Premier DEX-M88 CD Player
•Pioneer Premier GEX-T70 SuperTuner IV
•Pioneer Premier CDX-M33 CD Changer
•Alpine 3401 Parametric Equalizer
•Alpine 3339 Graphic Equalizer
•Orion 300PRQ pre-amp
•Orion 200CRX electronic crossover
•Orion 2125SX Digital Reference amplifier
•Orion 280GX amplifier
•Alpine 8010 Alarm
•Lestek 150-amp alternator
external Lestek regulator set to 14.4VDC
•Sears DieHard Gold 1200CCA battery
•(4) Orion hard-dome tweeters
•(4) Orion soft-dome tweeters
•(4) Orion 5" midrange
•(2) Cerwin-Vega LE-12D 12" DVC subs
•Interconnects - Phoenix Gold
•Realistic (RS) mobile police scanner
•Cobra 148-GTL CB (modified)
•Astatic 575-M6 power microphone
•Wilson-1000 base-loaded antenna
•Bel-Tronics 966 ST-R radar detector

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Username: Jeremyc

Kunsan AfbSouth Korea

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2005 Accord Coupe EX (HFP package)

Eclipse 8454
Eclipse changer
Focal Utpoias 165w
1 JL 12 W 7
2 JL 300/2s
1 JL 1000/1

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Username: Ginuwinepz

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99 grand am
Sony MEX-5DI color screen Head Unit
Laptop hooked up to watch movies and mp3's
sony 6x9's
Kicker 4x6's
sony 500 watt 4 channel amp
2 15" Kicker comp Vr
and right now a sony 1000 watt max amp pushing one of the 15's because i have not bought an amp to power both yet.
Very cheap Whistler Radar Detector
black lights on floor


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Username: Jonathan_f


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Registered: May-04
Eclipse 8454 head unit
Dynaudio System 360
Image Dynamics ID Max d2
JL Audio 300/2
JL Audio 1000/1
Audiocontrol EQT (2)

83 Chevy C-10 truck

Unregistered guest
98 chevy z71 extended cab
pioneer head unit
rockford p4004 amp
rockford p8002 amp
4/6 infinity speakers
infinity components
2 rockford rfd2210 hx2's

custom box to go under the backseat
amp's behind the backseat
13 inch lift
38 tsl super swompers
Rancho 9000 shock's
O sory got caried away:-)

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Username: Rzarector

Coquitlam, Bc Canada

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glasswolf must have alot of money :-)

Unregistered guest
Ya "Drug Lord":-)

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Username: Glasswolf

NorthWest, Michigan USA

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big pimpin'


Unregistered guest
That's no joke! lol

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Username: Iamduff_87

Michigan America!

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JVC Head-Unit (needs replacing)
6.5" Coaxial front speakers
12" Cerwin Vega V-Max sealed
MTX 311d for sub 300x1
Rockford 60ix 30x2

as you can see. very budget. sounds good for me espcially since i only bought the sub and sub amp. the speakers, RF amp were givin to me by a friend and the hu was already in the car. soon will upgrade to new speakers (unknown) HU - Alpine 9827 and Amp - Kenwood KAC-626 for speakers.

Unregistered guest
alpine cda-9835
2 12" alpine type r's
MB quart his/lows
2 7.2" phoenix digital LCD monitors

and thats all i have so far..was wondering how good of a start you all thought it was and if you would mind letting me know what else i need to really get those 2 12"s crankin...glasswolf..any input for me? how can i get this to its loudest and best sounding point? what else do i need?

infinity components 6000cs front
infinity ref. 6X9 back
hifonics zeus zx6400 85x4
knukonceptz amp kit

futute install.
2 12" kappa perfect
hifonics brutus bx1000d

sounds great for a midrange budget system

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Username: Glasswolf

NorthWest, Michigan USA

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hey rob start a new thread on that system and I can offer some ideas. I don't want to shift the topic on this thread. it's going pretty well at the moment.

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Username: Eric77

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98 jeep Grand Cherokee
stock speakers... for now
2 10" diamond m6 mkII subs in a sealed enclosure
Elemental designs NINe.1
knukonceptz wiring
Pioneer deh-6300 head unit

furture mods?
elemental designs 6500 component set
elemental designs nine.2


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Username: Loudon

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97 Vw Jetta
2 12" Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d
Kicker Kx 600.1
Infinity Kappa perfect compenents 6.1 all around
Infinity 424 x 4 amp ( cant think of the model number)
Alpine cda 9833

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Username: Bassfreak596

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pioneer deh 8650mp motorized
jbl 600.1
12" brahma
pioneer 300w 2 6x9's
sony 444w
blaupunk velocity crossovers

simple n smooth! the way i like it.

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Username: Legitdank

Mayfield Hts, Ohio United states

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yo homies, im likin the systems im reading about, Glasswolf , you have very many systems/ cars, you have do be a dealer;) what kind of "stuff" you slangin? O yeah anything that i can do to mine to add some extra "power" ?

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(1) Pioneer P7600MP Head-Unit
(1) Rockford Fosgate 501S Amp - For Sub
(1) Polk Momo MM12 Sub - 500WRMS, 1000WPeak

Just started out my Car Audio Upgrade. Right now, the Polk is bridged to the RF amp at 4OHMs for about 532WRMS power. I am thinkin about upgrading to 2 or 4 RF T1's or T3's and getting some more RF Amps to power my door speakers. I got Polk MM6's, and they souind great, no distortion at all. Right now, its just simple, and soundin good. c(-:

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Username: Glasswolf

NorthWest, Michigan USA

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James, I'm a prof installer. If you want to improve that system, ask about it in a new thread, and consider replacing that amplifier with something a bit better for a start to get more output.


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Username: Bernymac

Rialto, CA United States

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2 mtx 6500D thunder amplifiers
1 mtx RT202
1 mtx RTX03A crossover
2 12' mmatts series subwoofers
1 12' mmatts p3.0
performance teknique ICBM-9492T indash tv
starvision dvd player

Spare parts:
RF 800a2 amp. (blown) so gai...damn
also one of the mtx 6500d amps are blown also..also gai...damn.

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Username: Xxx


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04' Chevy Optra (it's called Lacetti here in eruope)
Pioneer Deh 6300
JBL GTO 606C components front
No rearfill
1 12" TypeR in a vented box at 35Hz
Old school RF Punch 120a2
Xtant A3001
1F Cap
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