Who is teaching Ohm's law here....?


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Hey i am new to electronics and also for the car audio....Can anyone just tell me about some features of a good 1000 watts PowerAmp...
In the beginning need to know >>
1)What is mean by RMS....?i listen this word many times but i still confuse what does it means..?
2)In the house we use 8 ohm's speakers normally than when we use a car amp it will be go through 4 ohm's...what kind of speakers,subwoofers require
when using a powerAMP at home....?
3)which amp is more better MONO,sterio,2,3,4 channel with 1000 watts....?

any will be greatly appriciated...
thanks in advance....

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RMS is "root mean square"
it's a mathematical means of finding the "average" power of the amplifier
another word to use in place of RMS for audio means is "continuous power"
this is the method of power ratings you want to stick with.
peak, max, pmpo, or peak music power ratings are meaningless and inflated values meant to make products look more impressive.

in home audio, most systems are all 8 ohms. speakers are 8 ohms, and amplifiers are only stable down to 8 ohms.
you don't want to connect car speakers to a home stereo. the impedance or load is too low and you will damage the amplifiers.

the number of channels of the amp depends on the coil configuration of the speakers you're using, but if this is for subs, usually a "mono" 1 channel class D amplifier is your best bet for 1000 watts of power

to learn more, is a great primer for the beginner or veteran alike

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Username: Ahmer

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Thanks Glasswolf...

Do you mean that a mono amp is best...I am intrested to put two 12" sub-woofers and a pair of speakers...
What should i buy...?
How can i select a 1000 watts POWERAMP?
Please tell me some other things buy which i can
find my self a good PowerAMP...I am not going to buy a NEW Amp,because i don't have enough money...I will buy a second hand...

may be it does not have any Amp Specifications book with it...Can i always look for more & more RMS...???

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the amp that's best for your application will depend entirely on the subs you end up using, and their RMS power handling as well as coil configuration. will help teach you more about what you need to know.
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