Running a JBL 1200.1 @ 1/2 ohm


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help me out here please

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Hey anyone out there whos knows anything about my JBL 1200.1 amp, i have heard that like many strong amps that my amp is underrating im not sure whats its putting out ive had some people tell me 1496 watts max and some say only 1200, well ne ways i want to hook up my four elemental designs ( dual 4ohm voice coils) i only have one coil powered for each sub right now if i hook all the coils up this will have to run my amp at 1/2 ohm, ive had some peeople tell me they have done this but not for a long time, what should i do? i have a 3 year warranty on it so that helps too...thanks

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run them in series/parellel at 2ohms!

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the JBL bp series amps are stable to ONE ohm.
Not half an ohm.
at 1 ohm, they are regulated to put out the same power as 2 ohms, so just wire your subs using ALL the coils, in series/parallel, and run everything at a 2 ohm load so each sub gets 300wRMS.

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by the way, destroying the amplifier by misuse isn't covered by the warranty, so if you run it at 1/2 ohm and it fries, it's your loss.
also if you plan to get 1200 watts from the amp, be sure you have a charging system able to deliver a clean 120A of current to that amplifier and still handle the demands of your car's electrical system and any other amps you're using.
that means at least a 165+ ampere alternator and 2ga power cable.
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