I think i got shafted with my boss amp


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I just bought a 1000w RIP596 Boss amplifier for 110. Was that a rip off or an ok deal. Also i drive a 96 BMW 318ic and it's trunk isn't that big so i think i can only fit one twelve so then i decided to get a twelve that delivers. An Alphasonik 12' 600 series sub for $109. It has a 700w RMS. will my amp pump out the juice that the Alphasonic can deliver. And will my 10 gauge audiobahn amp kit be good enough for the sub or should i get a 4 0r 8 gauge. Also my BMW has component speakers that i'm gonna switch out with Alphasonik 800 series component speakers, and i have an extra little amp laying around my house. should i just use the 10 gauge for that and buy new wire for my sub? I'm a noob at car audio so i'd appreciate a veteran's help for my system hookup.

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Username: Pabs

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Seriously just anybody out there that can help me out...i don't want to throw away my money

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Hey Pablo, 10 gauge is too thin of a wire for 1000W amp. You'll need 4 gauge or lower. However since you have BOSS amp, I'm pretty sure it's not 1000W rms. If you're lucky, you'll get 500W rms. I think BOSS and few other cheap brands use peak power to fool newbies. Some of them even go as far as extending the actual power x 5! So they might take 200W rms amp and say it's 1000W and leave out the rms part. I've actually seen the ads. Anyone that multiplies rms power by 5 should be banned from advertising. The most should be 3, but 2 to be more accurate.
Anyhow, for a BMW, I don't understand why you're buying cheap items. Save a little and buy something good.
You can use the 10 gauge wire for amps under 200W rms.

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same things I just said Isaac, in another post to this guy
he's asking the same thing over and over
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