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I have a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with the Infinity Gold system. Three of the four door speakers are blown and I have gotten mixed advice on what to do. The Infinity Gold is a 2 Ohm system and most after market speakers are 4 Ohm. I want to throw Infinity Kappas in, but am not sure if it would work.

Can you hook up 4 ohm speakers to a system that is rigged for 2 ohms? What are the potential problems for this situation?

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i have some advice for the blow door speakers.....

get some new ones lol, and yea im sure its possible to run it as 2 ohms if it is 4, i ran 2 12 inch xplod subs that were 4 ohms each as 2 ohms. So yea it can be done. you just have to set it up right

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You can run 4 ohm speakers on that Infinity amp with no problem at all, an amp can always run a higher load than it is stable to. The problem is that the speakers (Kappas) won't get as much power since the resistance is double and they won't be as loud as the stock ones. What it boils down to is you'll eventually want a more powerful amp to get the best out of those components.

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Image Dynamics makes the chameleons in a 2ohm version

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also PAC makes an OEM-1 module that, combined with the ADD-CHR harness and the ADD-AMP harness from PAC, will allow you to add an aftermarket 4 channel amplifier to the factory system, so you can add subs, and/or a new higher power 4 channel amp.
the factory amp is under the passenger side rear bench seat.
The PAC module attaches just behind the head unit, to the factory wiring harness, by tapping in with a T-harness so no wires need to be cut.

its a great setup, and I use one myself in an 01 Limited on the infinity gold system to add a sub.
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