AMPs with portable MP3 player


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I am planning to get a 4-c (160w rms) amp to connect to two spakers and a sub. The input for the amp comes from the ouput of a sony portable mp3 player. The question is whether i can use the headfone jack of the player and split to RCA input (one set) for the amp. Will the subs work ok?

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I don't know the answer, but I bet there are a lot of people out there who want to do the same thing (myself included). I think we may need to preamp the signal depending on the voltage out of the mp3 player.

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Can anyone help us on the same??


will probaly sound horrible, but yes, it will work.

a pre-amp would help.

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I just did this. No problem.

1-Sony MP3 portable. (battery powered, rechg. nimh's. don't even think of getting cig. lighter power).
wire output split with Y connectors to two NTX 112 amps. Input goes to low-level RCA's a'course.
(I adjusted input to MAX on the subw. amp, and MID on the full range spkrs).
2x NTX amps, one to power 2x 6x9's, and 2x 5 inchers. rear and front resp.
1x MTX 12 inch subw in trunk of Nissan Silvia relic.
Thumpa!. Clear and nice.
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