So, I got some sound deadener and have some Questions.


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I went to Lowe's today and got a TON of the Ice Guard stuff to use as sound deadener and it works GREAT! It was only 60 bucks for enough to do the trunk like twice, but I was just wondering if I need to do the floor or not. Right now I have the trunk lid and rear deck double layered, and it stopped the rattling immensely. We've got it down to it just rattling behind the license plate, but you can't put the stuff there, so we're going to put insulation in the holes behind it. Just thought I'd tell you guys how well that stuff works.

Should I do the floor of the trunk or not? I can't tell any rattling there now, but I'm just wondering.

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ok for the plate, go to an auto glass shop and get them to give ya a little bit of that black gummy stuff they use as windshield sealant strip.
it's called "dum-dum" and if you ball up a bit about the size of chewing gum, and stuff a piece behind the plate at each lower corner, you can stick the plate to the car and it won't rattle.. at all. That's a little trick I used for my old IASCA car. both 12" subs fired right at the plate in back, about 6" from it. It rattled like mad without the dum-dum there.

as for the cabin of the car, ideally, you want to pull out the seats front and back, take out the carpet in the car, and line the whole floor with ice-guard. then line your car doors, too, under the plastic panels.
This will dampen your car a lot, and lower the sympathetic frequency of the cabin as well.
Both of these things are very good things to do.
You may gain a dB or two at most, but energy transfer will improve tremendously, and the system will get louder with less power at lower frequencies which means it'll sound better as a daily driver.
It's a good weekend worth of work, but it pays off.

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Whats this ice guard stuff? It'd be nice if I could get something cheap like that too. I'm sure home depot probably sells some.

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With adhesive backing:

No adhesive backing: ue
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