I NeEd SuB heLp !!


iight, iTs LikE diS, I DUnO WuTs WUt wEn It ComeS 2 amps AnD sUbS aNd EqUaLizErS n al that, sO0O0O .. KaN SoMeONE PLEASe hElP Me CuZ i juST boUghT 2 12" SoNy XpLoD 1200 WaTTS SuBs BUt I DoNT kNOw WhaT FrEAkIN AmP 2 GeT, I WaNa GeT A SoNY xPloD aMP, But HOw MaNy waTTS sHOULD It Be ??? i WaNt thA most boom* Fo ma BucK* .. U gEt mE ?? ThAnX 4 UrE Help... tAkE KAre

dayum ... i was reading all the other posts , n there was 1 of xplod subs .. EVERYONE said thay suck .. i feel like an idiot,.. :( ... i guess il return em without even hearing em .. but now what !!!???

Sony does suck, i suggest kicker or JL
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