Hooking up two amps to a DVC sub


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(Theoretical question)
If I bought two identical amps that matched the ohm load of the DVC sub, etc, etc, is there any commonly accepted way of setting the system up? I would imagine you would need dual RCA outputs on your head unit for the amps, then set the amps up identically so that each coil receives the exact same amount of power at all times. If anyone has any thoughts about this, let me know. Thanks.

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yup, need to send the same signal to both amps, and match output for both amps by setting gain using a scope to balance them.
then you could do it.
other option is to use two class D amps that support "strapping" and connect them together.

this in effect connects two mono amps, and inverts one amp's signal, making them function together like a bridged stereo amp.

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I was looking at the JBL BP1200s. I saw them on CarDomain.com (the factory renewed ones). They put out 1200W @ 2ohms so 2400W total for only 400$ seems like a pretty good deal considering I don't have the money to get an amp that puts that much out itself. Your thoughts on that Glass? How are those factory renewed JBL amps?
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