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Do you have/need to run a 13w7 on JL amps??Isaac2
Enclosure tuning?Elecgenius2
Adire Shiva vs Infinity Kappa Perfect vs JL W3Mike Loudon1
Adire Shiva vs Infinity Kappa Perfect vs JL W3Mike Loudon1
2 Adire's Tempest vs. 2 Rockford's HX2 15"darryl fresh1
Sub sounds funnyNick4
What sub will give me the best SQ and SPL at the same time?Aaron4
8" and 10" subsxxmdfmkxx22
Sub helpAnonymous3
What Is The Best Sub To Have a Balance Between SQ & SPL?Land3
Zapco 750.2 to a RE X.X.X ????? helpGlassWolf2
How To FiberglassGlassWolf4
Completion of Audio SystemLand5
Just wandering...plz come heredonny keen1
Custom downfiring enclosuredonny keen19
Jl w6v2s???jon kinsey2
Cheapest place to get a brahma 12 someone said ebay but i dont see itSean Gallagher17
Kenwood Amp ProblemsJake Davis4
Somebody buy these!Jake Davis4
700 watts what ampElecgenius6
KickersJake Davis2
Amp Suggestion for RE X.X.X 10"Jake Davis17
Subwoofer selection.Land3
Dual 10" 375W Jake Davis2
Help me find right subs lucas beckner8
Weird ain't it?lucas beckner4
Help with my systemlucas beckner3
Xmax and XmechSucubus3
Setting up a complete system...NEED ADVICEBasS_PhreaK14
Small space want big soundCraig Wood1
Question on overpowering.GlassWolf3
Help With OhmsGlassWolf3
Quick questionTrigger Happy4
Spl head unitJeffrey D4
Sub wiring gauge size????lucas beckner3
2ohm + 2ohm ???lucas beckner2
Wiring helplucas beckner2
Old Hifonics ISIS questionBryan B2
Quick downfire questionJason Hoover5
Pioneer ts-w33c sub. What kind of box to chooseBryan B2
Custom EnclosureMike Swaffard14
Whats the overall best sub around 1000 watts rmsjake brady14
Infinity kappa 12" dvc?Kenny3
Hey Glass, BASS needed for Regular Cab PickupGlassWolf5
I need to beat this -- Group Project lolGlassWolf10
Whats your thoughts on mtx 9500? preferably experts please 8-)GlassWolf4
Over powering or bad connection..or Simply Speakers ?GlassWolf2
RE MT!!!GlassWolf5
What box should i get???nathan lockhart4
Better subs to buy Jeff Loughrey15
Sub DecisionsBryce Mitchell1
Where can i find a custom box for 2 15 inch speakers?Sean Gallagher3
Wiring a 4 ohm subJake Davis5
Kicker L5's for saleJeff Loughrey1
Subwoofers Poping?!?donny keen7
Need Help buliding a box for an AlphaSonikHelp24
I need louder subs, any suggestions?GlassWolf15
What subs to go with??donny keen5
MTX any good?Elecgenius7
Help with some crumy 12's (old MTX's)Bryan B2
2 12" RF HE2 very good spl???????alex isbell7
Whats 2 good subsDamien Roberts5
R.E. X.X.X prices???Jeff Loughrey3
ID Max or RE MTJeff Loughrey2
How to become a beast?Slap Johnson9
Is AUDIOBAHN any good?roy30
Speaker wire? importance of size?GlassWolf7
What is a decent dB level ??GlassWolf15
4" components worth it?ryan c.2
2 10'staylor scott2
2 Rockford Fosgate 12" HE2's for SPL?taylor scott4
JL 12w6v2 AMP??Anonymous1
Clarion sub + ampAnonymous1
Should this be happening?ryan c.6
Wich kind of box is best ...?donny keen3
Attach Amp to Sub enclosure YES?? NO???donny keen7
Loudest subs for around $250Anonymous3
Questions about ohms and series/parallel wiringAnonymous1
Which one is better?Slap Johnson6
About Probox Rocks EnclosuresWahl4
Which subs are better for SQ and SPL overall....3 13'w6v2 or 2 13w7...Help24
Need Help Jon, Glass, Fishy, Anyone!darryl fresh1
Help with subs?Help212
Sub box helpHelp23
Alpine Type E sub 10" - Ported or sealed enclosure?hiphopanonymous2
Enclosure Carpet Adhesives?Aaron15
Protect your equipElecgenius6
Shop broken intoElecgenius10
New dilema--- gettin rid of audiobombsElecgenius1
Next level?Help26
Stealth Amp rackThatGuyYouKnow1
Is this possible?marshall white7
Ecoustics championship battleHelp25
Stealth boxesJeff Loughrey2
Can't find what I'm looking forGlassWolf3
Please Help Me Im New To ThisJeffrey D2
Powering CD receiverkoz2
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