HELP with IDEAS!!!buying soon


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kay , i am building a system , i have 1100$ 2 spend on subs , and im willing 2 spend around 2 grand on an new 2 all this stuff so im not sure wat would work with wat good,i have a 98 eclipse so it has to fit in the trunk.I am intrested in the alpine Type X 12",but im really not to sure wat amp would work well with them , they have apeak power of 3000 watts-power range 500-1,000 watts RMS (500 watts per coil)im guessing im gona need 2, 1000 wat amps , should i get alpine amps and if so , wat kind , i know im asking alot but i dont want to make regreat anything i do and im just looking for a good performanc system thats not gona let me down,thanks for the help

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Hey James, slow down a bit. Before you fork over couple of grand, do some research. If you have the cash, here's a good amp for it.
ROCKFORD FOSGATE POWER T30001BD, it's rated 1000W @ 4ohms, 2000W @ 2ohms, and 3000W @ 1ohms. This is all RMS power not peak garbage.
If you have a car stereo store, visit one and ask for a demo.
If I ever get rich, I'd like to buy this amp and review it. Till them I'm testing Audiobahn A4125HCT.
BTW, have you seen MA Audio's subs? I have 18" and it really pounds. It's magnet is over 20 lbs!


infinity kappa perfects are awesome subs. If you really want the best though, JL W7 is the best I've ever heard. They are real pricey. Around 500 I think for a 13 inch. The infinity's are 150 apiece and I think two or more would be better than 1 w7. I think it's ridiculous that anyone would spend more than 1500 for sub and amps together. but if you want the best spend the extra and get JL products.

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start with a good source and front components
Eclipse CD8454 ($600)
CDT Classic CL-61 separates ($250)
4 channel amp..
try something like a Zapco Reference 4 channel amp
then an amplifier such as that RF Isaac mentioned, or an Orion class D amp for teh two Type X subs.
after that, you'll want to beef up your charging system a bit, and perhaps add rear fill speakers if you feel the need for them.
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