JL 12w6 and RE X.XX


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i'm trying to decide between these two subs. i pretty much had my mind set on the JL and then i saw things saying the RE would be a lot better. I don't want overwhelming bass, i still want to be able to concentrate on the road. i'm not going to be entering any competitions or anything of the sort, this is just for my daily driving car. i just want something that will sound good, and give me a good bump in the music when i want it, or a song calls for it. would the RE be too much? should i just stick with the JL and be happy with that? Any input would be great, thanks.

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the x.x.x is loads better, it has awesome sq(where talking pretty much good as you can get) and extremely good spl. in my oppinion, id easially recomend the x.x.x over teh w6, the w6 isnt a bad driver by any means, but the x.x.x is as good if not better than the w7 if that helps you realize how good of a driver where talking about.

xbl2 is where its at

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Also depends on how much power you plan to apply. The W6v2 does well with 400W RMS, while the X.X.X. will want 1000+ usually, depending on application. I personally would prefer an X.X.X SQ wise, but remember that sound quality is a subjective matter and in the end it's up to you. SPL of the X.X.X. is higher of course. None of us can really tell you what you'll like best SQ wise. A W6v2 will get more than loud enough for a daily driver, and so will an X.X.X. The W6v2 isn't a bad SQ performer at all.

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i think he was talking about the normal w6 thogh, not the w6v2.

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