So much bass that i cant hear the treble of my music....


i got a 4 channel 500 watt amp it is extremely loud it is so loud that when i have the vloume half way up my ears cant take the preasure, i got 1 15" kicker in a bandpass box and i got my 2 front speaker hooked up to it and i dont have my 6x9's hooked to it. How would i keep the sound in a way where i have a lot of bass and i still can hear my treble.

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umm turn down the bass boost on your deck and your amp?

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you need a strong front stage component set, and an amplifier for those speakers if you want to balance out the sub.

what do you mean strong front component stage, i am not very knowledgable about car audio, i got 2 switches on the amp that sais fer each set of the channels like on the front speakers it sais bass boost on or off i have that on off and have the gain for that full and for the rear channels it sais the same but i have the bass bosst switch on and the gain like half way and when i turn the bass bosst on and put the gain on it full than everything balances out but its not as loud as i want it to be, maybe its because i have it to the factory deck of a toyta camry 01?

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Is the problem just in the front? Toyota makes the front speakers A LOT lower for safety reasons I supose. My camry was unbalanced until I replaced the factory wires and put in a 4 channel amp. The gauge they use for the front speakers is a lot more lower then the rears.

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fade front to back on your deck maybe?

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Whoa, never heard of a guy complaining about too much bass before. If you're getting too much, try the tone controls on your HU or if your amp came with a remote bass control, turn it down a bit. I personally have 3 seperate amps, one for the front, back and sub. No matter how loud I crank up my bass, it never over powers my front (highs) cause of extra speakers I installed plus it's own amp.

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See most of your voals com from the front of the car so what he menat by having a strong front stage is just improve the sound from up front. When you do that you get more clarity. get a nice component set and an mpto powee them adjust your bass and you should be straight.
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