Where can get a kicker XS100 amplifier!!!!!


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some guy at a sound off beat the crap out of my system w/ his xs100. he was in the low class w/ me but this was only because the amp is rated at 50x2 @ 4ohms. this is a totally crap rating because the amp puts out over 1400rms @1ohm (thus one reason he killed me)

where can i get one or these amps!!! i want one so i can stay in the low classes! (or another amp that will do ~1400wrms @1ohm and is ratted at under 300rms @ 4 ohms)

Jb Hi-Fi have a fair range of Kicker amps....

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you can run an Orion 2100HCCA and an Orion 250HCCA
that's 300 watts rated power at 3 ohms
in reality it's 1200wRMS total @ 1 ohm
an Orion 225HCCA is rated at 25 watts x 2, but it puts out 400wRMS x 1 @ 1 ohm bridged, or 2x200wRMS @ 0.5 ohms.

The Kicker KX1200.1 puts out 1200 watts @ 1 ohms, and is rated for about 300 watts @ 4 ohms

These are the *actual* stats on the XS100:
50x2 @ 4 ohms
125x2 @ 2 ohms
250x2 @ 1 ohm
500x2 @ 0.5 ohms
1000x1 @ 1 ohm bridged
that's all at 12.5 volts however.
If you're running at it's 16V limit, you'll get an actual 1280w x 1 @ 1 ohm bridged.
then figure the amp is pretty underrated since it's one of the old school amps, so it's probably close to 1400 watts, sure.
Only place you'll find one now though is on eBay.
plan to pay at least $400+ for it, used.
It's a pretty similar amp to the Orion HCCA series. There are others out now as well but those are some of the better known ones.
The XS100 is 28" long, so plan to leave a lot of space for it.
It also runs hot enough to cause severe burns if you touch it during normal operation at 1 ohm or lower so cool it very well.
It's a lot like the 2250SX amps I run in my car.. they make a great heating source in the winter.

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ps, the 100XS was made circa 2000
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