Do I Need A Bigger Alternator....


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I plan on getting a 1000 watt RMS amp and I will also have a 200 watt RMS amp to go in my car. Will I need a bigger alternator, yellow top battery, cap, or a combonation of any of the three with this much power? What do you think would happen to my car if I didn't get any? Please help.


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i have just installed a 1000 watt amp in mine, - what car u got, some decent cars have half decent alternators, but an upgrade will def help most cars!

if u didnt get any, then ya could really listen for longer without the car running. - my car was running last night , and the lights insight and outsight were on- i cranked it up hard and the inside lights dimmed down a fair bit!!! most people say caps are a waste of money. test it out first and see is u need an alternator upgrade.

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It's a 2004 KIA Spectra GSX.

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read that.
no way to really know till the system is installed.
several factors will determine the need for a new alternator, or lack thereof. Those include the reserve of your current alt (unknown factor), listening habits, amplifier efficiencies, and so forth.
Get the system in. If the lights dim on you, and voltage rails sag, then look at upgrading your charging system based on the info in that link.
that's my suggestion.

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My Toyota Camry produces a constant 13.2 - 8 + when at idle and 14.4 when over 900 RPM. I have three amps and potentially draw 1,300 RMS. I also run interior cold cathode lights, Radar Detector, my W.A.R Antenna/Laptop setup, and a few other things and never have a problem. My alternator probably will explode on me one day though lol. Glass is right you just never know, I was sure id need one...
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