Installation help Alpine 9835 in 2004 civic


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First off sorry if I am rambling its like 4am and I couldnt sleep thinking about this so I am searching for help.

Ok - in a 04 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I just bought my Alpine 9835 and I got the wiring harness for my Civic at a local shop (actually I bought two... the guy told me if I disconnect my radio and my door stops chiming I need Harness A if my doors keep chiming then I only need this one Harness B... so I have both return whichever I dont use).

Problem is I have to run a direct (fused) 10Ga power wire from the battery to the back of the deck (no problem just buy 10Ga wire and fuse it). Well I got to thinking.... The wiring harness I bought, of course, is not just for my car and not just for this Alpine model and it (wiring harness) has a live +12v to power the typical aftermarket radio. What do I do with this power wire if im not going to use it? I do not want to just leave it hanging with a live +12 in my dash. I mean I can cover the end with shrink tube but will it drain power just sitting there or has anyone had experience with this type of install and thought of a solution?

Also, the back of the radio has a ground wire on it with a ring on the end but it is kinda of flimsy normally shouldnt your ground wires and power wires be at least the same gauge? If Alpine requires extra voltage and wants us to run a fatter 10Ga wire from their deck directly to the battery shouldnt they put a 10Ga GND on the back of the radio?

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OK to all you people that think Alpine is the "bomb" do you see all the Alpine questions on this site? It's because they are a pain in the rear! Don't buy it it's just another high dollar brand name. Do you ever wonder why you can only buy it on-line or at the big retail shops? Because the little shops that know what they are doing & care about the customers, they want you back, they want you happy. Remember people, No Alpine!

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Umm... My Alpine was rather easy to set up and install, and they have it in *many* local small shops as well as the big stores.

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Um, Steve, did it ever occur to you that there could be a lot of Alpine questions because Alpine is a very popular brand? Many people buy Alpine head units. They make good HUs and if you search around you can find them fairly cheep. I'd rather get an Eclpise myself, but Alpine is number 2 on my list.

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aaahhhhhhhh ok........ Whatever Steve. Have fun with your Funky Pups!!

ANYWAY......for the 9833 and the 9835 it is suggested that you purchase a 10awg amp kit. There is ground wire included with amp kit. I personally installed the 10 ga power wire, but didn't use the 10 ga ground (yet) Everything has been working fine. I just need to do some thinking as to where I want to place the ground. I ran new 16 ga speaker wire to me speakers so all i used out of the harness was the ignition. Everything is wrapped up and taped together.

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