Cerwin Vega V-Max 10" subs with JBL BP600.1 amp


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Is the JBL BP600.1 amp a good match for two Cerwin Vega V-Max 10" subs? Looking on getting them both, any opinions?

And what type of enclosure would work best for these subs?

A little too much power to go ported. If you go sealed they will sound nice and hit good too. Keep the gain down. Make sure you get the SVC model. These are 200W rms subs, and slightly underrated IMO. The JBL 600.1 will give 300w to each sub. Just be careful and it should be fine.

Also consider the Alpine Type-R or Kappa Perfect 10.1's The Orion P (Requires more power) series and the OZ stuff is good too.

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they are 300w rms. the jbl would be fine. but dont turn the gain but because if you turn it up too high and the amp clips, it will mess up the subs. a lot of people recommend ported for v-maxes. like i said, your amp will be fine for these.

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Ported actually has higher power handling above tuning than sealed does, cone excursion is always less when above tuning. It also keeps the voice coil cooler since air is moving back and forth from outside the box. With the JBL amp, you'd need a subsonic filter of some sort to use a ported box. You'll be ok overpowering the subs if you're careful with it, if you hear distortion then turn it down.
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