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Bi-amp querydavidryder5
LIghtning Audio AMP!! I Need Help!!Nick2
JL prowedge boxJames T. Kirk7
Need HELP!!!!Duane4
What amp do i need please help!!!KAOS8
Which car amp??Vibe7
AmpCory Beluzar3
Will my amp power these subs?GlassWolf6
Frequency Setting For KX1200.1 ampPaul7
Glasswolf? Jonathan?HelpGlassWolf15
Anyone has any opinions on --SOLID AUDIO --amps?KrazyK1
What is the Best Amp for Infinity Subwoofers?Jonathan4
Orion 250 hcca digital refrenceGlassWolf2
Newb. First attempt at wiring an amp any help would be greatbimmerguy3
Should I get this amp?xxmdfmkxx11
I need help soon someone please helpmike caldarone1
Need help choos a ampjack zheng1
Mtx or jblGlassWolf2
Car amp running hot. I need help!!!GlassWolf3
I need help bad!!!!!!!!GlassWolf2
Wiring KitsGlassWolf7
Amps and subs.?GlassWolf2
Need Help !!!!Shelby Basham6
Hx2's and memphis 1000dShelby Basham1
Sound Domain Vs. EcousticsSteven Grader3
What amp for 4 ten inch mtx woofers?GlassWolf4
Lights are dimming on my car. does ohms make a difference? 4 or 2?GlassWolf7
What amp do i get??2x1100rms subs,+ 4 200 watt speakersGlassWolf2
A note of praise for the glasswolfStanleyC3
What is the best brand of ampbimmerguy19
Any thoughts or experience w/ autotekGlassWolf2
Hifonics ampszacdavis~2
What amp to get?Steve4
How to wire 2 amps with 2 subsThatGuyYouKnow7
Can you help me fix my system?NoBass4
Car Audio rankingJonathan5
Any Lanzar Optidrive 100.2 Owners Out There? Please Help.MJ Wojciak1
Question about hooking up two amplifiersEric Smithson3
Any opinions on Audiobahn A4002TGlassWolf4
My rear speakers crack @ higher volume..amp solution?GlassWolf4
Glasswolf me need help!GlassWolf3
Audiobahn 15" subGlassWolf2
I need a power supplyGlassWolf2
Boss ampMister_B5
Number of ampsChris8
I need to sell 2 used, good condition ampsc bachman1
GlassWolf...question about your advicePhilberg5
Amp to power pair of kappa 5.25's help!Aaron M3
Question for GlassGlassWolf2
For MOTOMAN22-Kicker C12Ilvcml1
How do these things workGlassWolf3
Quick question!?!?!?!?!?!?GlassWolf5
Lanzar 100-S problem-HELP PLEASE!Ilvcml1
Blown fuseJonathan3
What Amp Do I Need>>>>Please Help!!!Jonathan3
BX1500D to power two VR 12sTom2
Please help!Joseph2
How are mosfet amps?Chris Minassian6
The basics....???Philberg1
Which amp to chose...Philberg1
Amp outputShazad Hussain3
Mtx 5500 vs rockford p2mat gilmour7
JBL or EclipseDave Musser3
Re-wiring amps and need some help.Willis Glenn1
Slot port box building helpjohnny lemoine2
Amps for 2 RE?GlassWolf12
Ground Question (multpile amps)GlassWolf3
Dual 2 ohm Inifinity run one ohm on jbl 600, please simplify :-(...Jonathan11
Directed 1100d louder than jbl bp1200.1?????jeremie boop48
MTX Thunder 801D or 1501 DJonathan8
Crunch ampKody Maner3
What Ga. speaker wire should i use???GlassWolf2
Rca cable helpGlassWolf4
Need help quick confused thanks in advanceGlassWolf2
Factory Ford premium amp trouble...GlassWolf9
Two mtx 5500's hooked to a mtx 8302 ampmat gilmour1
Glass,jonathan, any other experts .. I need your opinions!Mike Loudon6
E class?GlassWolf2
I need a little advice from some pros.....GlassWolf2
Will amp due or should i still... Glass/fishy/johnGlassWolf10
I just bought a 1200watt Visonik amp for $400,its slightly used..go...GlassWolf3
Blaupunkt vs genesis?ivan yap2
Sony vs kenwoodGlassWolf5
Pyle, Sounds Storm, Legacy, Volfenhag, BOSS, LanzarJamie Richard6
Wiring: AUTOTEK 7050XX -Bridgeable ?Ralf from Germany1
Question for glass on mtx vs. audiobahnGlassWolf4
Dumb question about enclosures!!GlassWolf3
Amp for two JL audio 12'swhattodo3
What the Hell do i do???GlassWolf2
Class D vs. A/BGlassWolf6
Amp isn't workingGlassWolf4
Kicker XS100? PLEASE HELP ME!!!GlassWolf2
Jbl or rockfordGlassWolf3
What Amp for a Pair of VMAXSOettinger3
Amp for one 10W7 ????asdfw2
RF 1001bd TroubleshootingGlassWolf2
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