What EQ/Crossover? (paging Glasswolf)


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OK. I'm terribly new to all of this, so bear with me. What I have right now is this:

HU: Nakamichi MB-75.

Speakers: Infinity Kappa 5x7s
Amp: MTX Thunder1004 (4-channel)

Sub: RE8
Amp: MTX Thunder 251D (mono)

(I can dig up stats on all of these, just tell me what info is needed)

I want to pull all of this together properly, but I'm not entirely sure how. I know I want an EQ (I like the adjustment flexibility), but I dont know which one, or what features I need with this setup.

Anyone have advice? Right now the only things installed are the HU and the Infinities.


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are you looking for an EQ to 'tune' the system once its together? or do you want something in-dash to monkey with as you feel the urge while listening?

this will make a diference in the type of EQ I'd suggest

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Sorry about this question but i just have to no it. What is a EQ and what does it do

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An equalizer is a device that lets you adjust the gain (or volume) of a frequency or frequencies on teh music you are playing. There are two types, graphical and parametric. A graphical EQ already has set points at which you cna boost, anywhere from 1 band all the way to 30 (an eclipse model). A parametric lets you assign the number of bands, band width and amount of gain for each band.

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from what ya said I'd go with a pre-amp/EQ setup that mounts in-dash.
kicker has one, Orion's is/was the 300PSW (they sell on ebay now and then), zapco has one, audiocontrol does too..
these generally offer volume, fade, balance, and 3 to 6 bands of EQ adjustment, usually graphic or parametric.

unless you feel the need for 11 separate bands, that'd be my suggestion.
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