JL 500 5 & Brahma 10"


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Hi, I'm thinking of getting JL 500 5 channel amp and Adire Audio Brahma 10inch sub. I know JL outputs only 250W for the sub channel and I know Brahma's gonna be underpowered so. But would this still be better setup for SQ alone then getting some other cheaper yet more SQ oriented sub such as Koda?

Juggalo Jeff
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y dont u just get a more powerful amp for the brahma and if you aint got the money wait for it

Juggalo Jeff
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underpowing like overpowering can damage the sub so try and match the rms values of the sub to the amp

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How exactly does underpowering damage a sub?


Juggalo Jeff
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i dont know thats what i heard ask jonathan or classy glassy

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cos of distorted signal? the amp is pushing too hard so dc voltage acured in the coil mayb?

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Underpowering won't instantly cook your sub. As long as the amp is under clipping levels, you won't hurt the sub. Clipping levels can damage subs b/c of the heat, it's not distortion. Clipping is a square wave, and basically holds the speaker at that excursion for a longer period of time, the voice coil depends upon motion to cool, so if the speaker isn't moving (like clipping), heat just builds up in the coil faster than the coil can dissipate it. Also, when clipping, an amp tries to produce DC/DC power, and will result in much more power than the normal RMS output, sometimes double. Personally, if you're bent on that 5 channel amp, I think you should get a more efficient subwoofer to run on it. The Brahma will run ok, but there are more efficient subs out there and w/ only 250 watts RMS(closer to 300), you probably won't be happy with the SPL. Consider a Shiva or Koda, or other sub alternatives. An Image Dynamics IDQ is an excellent sub that would run off that amp, and sound great doing it. ID Max would also work well. All are more efficient than the Brahma.
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