1 or 2 KX 1200.1 amps?


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hi, i'm lookin for some opinions on what to do about a different system i'm putting in my truck. I've tried to start a thread 6 times already, and it keeps freezing up, and i'm tired of typing things over and over LOL
I just bought a kx1200.1 amp, and have a box for under my rear seat coming for 2 12's. I've been happy with my audiobahn 10 i've had for over a year, and was thinking i'll stick with them. Now i've been lookin at the aw1206t's, cuz they're dual 4ohm voice coil and I can hook them up together and get the 1ohm need for my amp. The thing is, audiobahn has a better speaker for only a few bucks more, the aw1208t's, more watts rms handling, more then twice the weight magnet, but the problem is they're dual 2ohm voice coils, and I can't run them together to get the 1ohm for the amp. So I was thinking about buying another kx1200.1 amp (off ebay), cuz I can make the dual 2ohm speakers down to 1ohm. But I hardly think my battery and alternator can handle pushing those two monster amps, and I don't want another battery. Anybody have any input on this? Also, i've been tryin to find a subwoofer that is dual 4ohm other than audiobahn that can handle the watts, and is better built, and reasonably priced, but I haven't found any, most good subs are the dual 2ohm voice coils. I was gonna get the solobaric L7's, but because the box is down-firing and working with limited airspace, i decided it would be a waste using them and paying the extra money for them. I figure using the box like that under the seat, my SQ wouldn't be that great anyways, so just get some high power handling speakers and push a bunch of power to them. ANybody know of any subs I might be over looking? dual 4ohm, high RMS power handling, reasonably priced, and fit into my box? My mounting depth is 7"inch max, and has a 1.2 cu.ft of airspace in each chamber, sealed. Well, i look forward to feedback on each of my problems here..lol.. my new box should arrive within 10 days, so i'm pressed for time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanx guys


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Hey, do you have e-mail or AIM ? I have the truck you have and I would like to know about your enclosure, where you got it from, what it looks like ... where you got those handles ... and other stuff

also, i was thinking about getting the kicker kx1200.1 amp, but i am going to get the kicker sx1250.1 instead ... hopefully, if everything works as planned, i will be getting 2 kicker 10" 04 L7 solo-baric 4ohm subs with a custom enclosure i am buying from someone

there are plenty of subs that would fit that criteria too ....

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem%26%26item%3D5723680486&ssPageName= STRK:MEWN:IT

That's the link to the enclosure I got for my truck. There's alot of companies that sell them on the internet and ebay, but you gotta pay attention to what size mdf wood they use, and also differnt mounting depths, and cu.ft air space per chamber. This is the best one I found so far. The handles for my truck I can't remember where I got them, i know i got them off the internet because they were shipped to me, either ebay or from a site. I just got my K&N intake off ebay also. In the past I bought my billet grill, altezza taillights, clear corner lenses and all hyper white bulbs.. and other stuff I'm sure for great prices off ebay and the internet. Way better prices then the speed shop in town, that's for sure.
I was lookin at the sx1250.1, but decided the ks1200.1 has always been a great amp, and can get them for half the price. I thought hard about gettin the s12L7 4ohm solobarics, but just don't think it would do them justice underneat my rear seat like that.

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As far as your battery and charging system goes, you should (block out 2 hours of your day and) read this thread:


It started out as a question about caps but turned into a 4 page tutorial on alternator/battery/capacitors that was thouroughly fascinating (for me at least). It should cover all your bases on the electrical system without having to repost stuff on this thread. As far as your other questions...I don't know.
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