Budget $100, 6 1/2" Fronts Needed For Lemmy & Motorhead...


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When I first installed my Pioneer 450 Premier head unit in my ZX2 I also put in a pair of Polk 6 1/2" speakers up front that I bought from Crutchfield. The head unit alone was not enough to really power these speakers, I did not have an amp installed at the time so I returned them.
I found a great pair of Sony 3-ways which normally go for about $75 on clearance at Wal-mart (of all places) for $20! I put Alpine 5x7`s in the rear. Ran this for about 6 months and sound way okay. Then I bought a US Acoustics 4065 (4X65) and a pair of CDT 6 1/2" coaxials for the front. These speakers came recommended and they were a grea deal. Well now that they are installed they sound very harsh, aka like crap. A lot of treble and shrilly sound to the highs. Very annoying for hard rock & metal (I was listening to Motorhead's new "Inferno" album). Plus they did not simply drop in to the doors, I had to drill some new holes make some modifications (pain in the @ss). I contacted tech support at CDT and he stated these speakers are primarily for "rear fill", whatever that means. He said I can adjust the tweeter position, but I really doubt that will help alot. If I`m going to take off my front doors, it`s going to be for new front speakers. The Alpines in the back provide decent mid range and some bass, but not of the annoying treble I`m getting up front.
So I`m in need again of some 6 1/2" front speakers $100 give or take is my prioce range. Anyone out there who listens to hard rock & metal on some decent front speakers, please send some of your advice or opinions my way.

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Did you get the CDT's that have the titanium tweeter? Those are very harsh. YOu can more than likely replace just the tweeter with a CDT silk tweeter and that will fix your problem. I listen to a lot of metal and titanium or aluminum tweeters suck big time for that kind of music.

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Coaxials aren't the best for great sound quality anyway due to the crossover (or lack thereof). I'd recommend you try to ebay for a component set. If you're sticking to coaxials in that price range the Eclipse Point source coaxials are very nice($120 on www.woofersetc.com), and would work well w/ your amplifier power. Good soft sound to them as well. Infinity Kappas also are nice, but bright in treble so you'd probably want something different.

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All I thought I need was a 10" sub & amp.
But my front CDT are harsh as hell.
So I buy a set of CDT Components rated @ 125rms.
Now I need to buy a good amp to power them up front. According to my US Acoustics 4065 manual, I can hook my back speakers to the rear outputs and bridge the other outputs for a subwoofer.
If my front speakers are components powered @ 100 watts rms, my rear speakers are 5x7's powered at 65 watts rms, and I get a subwoofer rated at 100-150 wtts rms should that work? Or will the front components overpower the sub? Someone suggested I rewire the rear speakers and run them back off the head unit, get the components and new amp for the front, and get a dual coil sub. Use my current 4 channel amp for the sub, bridge my current amp and run one coil to the front out and one to the back?
Any advice on this?

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Or any decent components that will work well at 65 watts rms?
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