Help with hooking my stuff up.


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Ok, I think I need some help guys. First off my problem: I need to know if my equipment is compatable with eachother (my subs/amp).

What i have is 2 15" Phoenix Gold QX 154 subwoofers

I couldnt find out a lot of info on them but thats the best site i found on them, but it doesnt say if its max or RMS. On the box they came in it says 300 W max output power, but I dont think thats right, because my friend has same model subs except they are 12" and his are 300 W max. Is mine 300 RMS?
now heres the other part.

I have this amp
an audiobahn A2150HCT 2400W max amp. I want to know if it will be possible to run those subs off of the amp without blowing them, I'm either going to have a local shop or a friend hook them up, because i dont want to hook it up wrong and end up blowing them.

If it is possible to run the subs off that amp, is there anything special to do for it to work.

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im no expert especially at wiring and stuff... but you should get an amp that fits your subs. im sure u spent more money on that amp then you need to spend to power those subwoofers... also audiobahn isnt as good as their looks...I'd get a new amp and sell the one you have. but listen to what other ppl say too because like i sed im not an expert

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