Components: MB Quart Reference vs Infinity Perfect


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Which do you guys think are better? I heard the MB Quart Reference RCE-216's ... but w/o an amp powering it, just a head unit... sounded decent... 1) how much better do components sound when there is more wattage powering them and 2) which one of these are better? I mean I've looked at the specs and they seem to be similar... However In stores, the MB Quart References are 330, while online I can buy the Infinity Perfects 6.1's for the same price... any advice?

Also, I was thinking about leaving the stock rear speakers in the car and having them powered by the head unit, would this be a good idea, and how much better would the sound be if I were to replace the rear speakers...

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I always go by Quarts, they sound beautiful and transparent. All component speakers need an amp becuase if they have dedicated crossovers, some power is lost in them.

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the amp is also going to give out cleaner power, less distortion, so the sound will sound cleaner. %26%26

spend all of your money on your front speakers, and leave the rear ones alone. you want the sound to seem as if it is comming from the front of the car for an idea sound stage.

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I'd rather have the Perfects than the MB Quarts References, but that's just my opinion. Try to listen to Perfects if you can, I find they're more accurate. An amp makes a big difference, you get better SQ because the amp doesn't strain as much to produce the same power, also you get less distortion, a better power supply (more headroom for transients) and the speakers will have better dynamics b/c of more power, meaning better bass and treble.

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how do you hook up an amp to your speakers?
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