Newbie to ICE...need HELP!!


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hello all, I have read thru the threads to try to find info r/g my audio setup. This Mboard is really helpful...informative and I noticed the senior members are really supportive...
Im a newbie to all these jargons and calculations...and dont have any idea about which equipment is good for what equipment...Im just starting to setup an ICE for my 96'mazda 626, I have removed the old stock HU and am installing an entry level JVC-KD401 50w x 4, (are JVC's any good at all?)...I am not sure wether my stock speakers will sound right with it...(if it wont fry)...but I am planning to upgrade real soon. Ive read someone suggest a rear speakers are not really necessary if I install a sub in the would be the next best thing to do? ...should I plan for 6x9's for front (do I need 3way?) and 2x12" subs? what do you suggest should my amps be? I would like to hear your comments if I'd get Kicker subs..would they be any good? (I've read a few suggestions from the thread, but seems like INFINITY stands out a lot)...My budget would be bet 1000-1500. All suggestions will be deeply appreciated...

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Ok, i would start off by getting 2 12'' or 1 15'' brahma, wither 700 shipped for the 12's or 400 for the 15, either make or buy a 4 cubic ft box tunes around 30-35 Hz. For the 12's get 2 jbl 1200.1 and for the 15'' only 1 1200.1(sorry dont know the price), i would go with infinity or rainbow for the components and yes the speakers in the back are important because they will give the mid-bass freq. That should leave you with around 200$ for the install, Jonathan, im a no0bie at this can ya help me out plzzz!

Noobs helpin' noobs.

Steven, you go suggest all that stuff and then you say you're a noob I need help? Why not say something like I'm not sure about " this or that" someone else will have to comment. Sounds like you're just talking from what you hear, and evidently you been hearing wrong.

The subs, well I would go with one Brahma($379 shpd), Tipple X ($435 + Shpg) or ID MAX ($310 shpd) 12". The guy has a 626 i'm not even sure a 4-5 cu ft box (for 2) would even fit in there.
The amp...well fine, a JBL 1200.1 if it can be found. or a Kicker KX1200.1 ($400) Even a MTX 801D ($260) or 1501D($360) (running 750W @ 4ohms) depending on the sub config (DVC 1,2 or 4ohm). A custom ported enclosure tuned at 30-32 hz ($150, unless you build it yourself)

For fronts, use a Infinity Perfect 6.1 component ($220) set w/ an MTX 342 ($168) or Cerwin Vega EXL 350.2 ($180) to power them.

Rear speakers are not required nor recommended as they mess with the sound stage.
Suggest getting amp kit at You'll want the 1/0 gague kit ($80 shipped), an 8 gague kit ($30 shp'd) and a distribution block.

You'll also need to consider a High Output Alternator. ($180) Someone here can suggest a place to look for that.

That takes up just about all of your $1500

Good Luck

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thanks very much for the info guyz..will look into anonymous' suggestions..will keep u updated...

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by the way, are you suggesting that I power my front speakers on a separate amp? would my HU be enough to do that? ...thanks again in advance

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If you upgrade to components, you'd want a separate amp. If you leave your stock speakes, or just do a mid level coax upgrade, you can power off the Head Unit.


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thanx...I appreciate all your help
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