Hey, lonesome category we got here. anyway, is there a radar detector that is worth the money for under 100 dollars? if so, which one is the best. i live in a rural town, if thats any help. thank you.

ill sell u mine for 80 its a uniden its worked for me many times but i totalled my truck so im sellin what i can, probably gonna do it on ebay but if ur interested my email is beefjr22@hotmail.com

honestly, only two detectors worth owning at all.
the first and foremost is the Valentine One.
after taht, the Escort 8500 from Cincinnati Microwave.

anything else won't really help you much.

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what about Whistler? Are they any good? Just bought one tonight and am hoping it works alright.

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the two I mentioned are the best ones out there. period.

everything else is pretty much the same.. it may work for ya, it may not. really depends on luck if you plan to speed anyway.

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I had a whistler once. It saved me from 3 potential tickets. But sometimes it wouldnt pick them up. And if you get a laser ("L") come up, your probably already busted. That means they have the radar gun on you. But I dont have any experience with anything more expensive or better. So Glasswolf is right. Its still just luck anyway. They CAN help though.

Just wondering what about radar jammers. Is there one on the market somewhere that works for about 200 dollars or even 300. I hate to just be warned. Cops know when you hit the brakes to slow down. I want something that will confuse the cop that hides, waiting for someone to speed. Also is there one that can be hidden in the clove box or in the trunk. Even when I am not speeding cops pull me over for dice in the mirror. And I don't want a big radar detector or jammer to be on the dash

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good jammers are about $1200+
I put a few into cars before for X and K bands.
They mount behind teh dash and require a modified radar detector to trigger the jammer.
Otherwise you flood the area with 650mW of radar constantly, and everybody with a radar detector around you slams on their brakes..
including all the cars in front of you.
the other problem is that cops know when someone is using a jammer because it scambles their radar gun displays or makes them read a pre-set speed. (depends on teh jammer) which tips them off easily when you're out without a lot of cars around you.
jammers are also highly illegal and if you're getting pulled over for things anyway you really don't need to dig yourself into a deeper hole.
Just try not speeding, and lose the things lie the fuzzy dice.
the less attention you attract to begin with, the less trouble you'll have.

there are other tricks I've used in cars to avoid things like brake lights.
I've wired a relay into a hurst T-shiter knob's line-lock button so when it's pressed, the brake light relays are disengaged. This prevents the brakes from lighting when the button is depressed, but again, it's technically illegal, and it's also a lot of work.
I don't advise trying it.

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just for $hits and giggles where can some one buy these high quality jammers and what radar detector works best with these jammers?

Also I hear in some states that the speed monitors on the side of the road have camreas sometimes. Does any one know if that is true?

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I'll have to find the company name again. I have it somewhere.
They used modified cincinnati microwave escorts.

I'm not even sure the company is still in business. most of the ones I did were back in the 90s and late 80s.

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Before anyone goes out and spends $$$ on a radar detector, be aware - cops will stop you for whatever they want speeding or not. You could be driving the speed limit and a cop will pull you over and write you a ticket for 15mph over - they will! While they don't have "quata" they do have a "expected number of tickets to write." I know, my dad is a cop. I think they need to read the dictionary and learn what quata means.

Best way to be safe is to watch overpasses and the sides of the road, in front and behind you - pay attention! If your going to speed - SPEED. Don't let a cop come up from behind you. Check your mirrors often.

LEARN what cop head/tail lights look like. Try not to make too many lane changes. Also, check the speed of truck drivers, they know when cops are around and will drive accordingly. If you see a big-rig driving 65-75mph, it's probably safe drive 75-90mph.

Lastly, learn how to downshift and CARFULLY ebrake to slow the vehicle - sudded jults of brake lights on the highway say "hey over here; look at me I am speeding". Basically, don't draw attention to yourself.

A side note, don't leave your detector in the window! Just all the more reason for someone to smash through your window and take your detector.

The best way to avoid this is not to drive a flashy car; however, we can't do that can we? LOL

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driving wisely is always one of the best ways to avoid getting stopped, but every step taken toward prevention helps.
the jammers are fun and all, but cause as many problems as they solve.
a good Valentine One detector will alert you to cops running speed traps. If you're in a rural area, it's common for speed limits to suddenly drop from 55MPH to 45 or 35MPH, strictly as a speed trap to increase small town revenues.
Another, and far better solution for distant early warnings on highways, is a CB radio and a good antenna. Truckers will tell you of every cop within 10 miles on most highways, at any hour.
I have avoided more traps with a CB, than by any other means.
I agree though, cops will stop you for any reason, but the less reason you give them, the less chance you have of being noticed.
They'll take the punk kid driving the riced out civic next to you even if he's going slower, if you're driving some sleeper car that doesn't turn everyones' head when you go by.

I know.
With the hemi charger, tehy don't even need to see the red paint. they hear it coming, and I get stopped sometimes (local boys) just so they can stand around and shoot the breeze about what a nice car it is. If I didn't know the cops around here, I'm sure they'd be watching that car any time it's taken onto the street. heh

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Sounds like your having better luck than I have had. Charger ehh - nice. You know I'm riced out, but I know how to appreciate a nice car. I miss the torque days... See I had a 89 5.0 LS 5SPD - quick car for having only boltons.

I will never forget the day I was driving the mustang from the coast. I was passed by a minivan and started laughing histaricaly as my F/R lazar radar detector sounded. Knowing the CHP is on the gun, I maybe dropped 5mph to 55mph as the van passed, I see the cop pass down the opposing side of the two lane HWY. Cop flips a U and comes after me :-( no matter the van that just passed him at 75mph. See, I got the minivans ticket. Moral, if it looks fast, your speeding or guilty. Drive a blown minivan LOL.

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ESCORT PASSPORT 8500 brand new in box & sealed FOR SALE I got two for Christmas and absolutely love it but I'm selling the second. Please e-mail me if you're interested: eatsalmonds@hotmail.com

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there are table showing wich are better detectors.
go to http://www.valentine1.com/demo/Demo2.asp

Dude thats a valentine site don't you think they are going to show their detector winning? they don't want to lose business due to stupidity. but yes I agree with Glass I think they are the BEST.

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speaking of blown minivans, i have a video of a minivan smoking a firebird ws-1 (is that the right model of there fastest street model firehawlk?) at the track...funniest crap I ever saw!!!

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More tips:

*Know the road you are driving on, if you drive on a road quite often you will see cops hiding. Cops tend to use the same spots and there are only so many spots they can hide w/o you seeing them. Slow down before these points and speed back up after.

*Watch traffic ahead of you, if you see more then one car suddenly breaking and traffic has been moving pretty smooth that's a dead indication there is a cop ahead.

*Always watch your rear for police cruisers matching your speed. Even if it does not look like a cop car. Here in NY we have state trooper undercover mini vans and corvettes lol. If a car in the distance behind you approaches going pretty fast but then slows down and stays behind you something is up... Stop speeding let them pass, if
It wasn't a cop oh well you now have someone to play leader.

*Stay in the right lane as much as possible! After all if you are in the "fast lane" you must be speeding right? Only use the left lane to pass when needed...

*Follow behind others that are speeding but not TO FAR behind, lots of times I have been moving behind cars going 55 - 60 in a 30 and they get nailed first! :-)

*The above trucker tips with CB and truck speed is 100% true. I have a small 30$ CB Radio and 10$ antenna from Wal-Mart and I get truckers 8 - 10 miles away. State where you are headed to (N, S, E, W on Interstate X), the mile marker you are around and ask if any "smokeys" are out ha-ha. Then when you spot a cop return the favor...

*Scan traffic ahead on the highway going the other way, sometimes cops will sweep by going in the other direction and nail you.

*Cop is behind you turns his lights on:

Find the immediate best spot to pull over and use your blinker (because we are safe drivers). Once pulled over put on your hazards, turn your car off, roll down your window, and have your license and registration ready for when the officer walks over. Don't be a wise @ss! If he/she asks if you know how fast you were going DONT TELL THEM, state "honestly officer I didn't happen to glance at my gauges". If you give them a speed and they actually DIDNT clock you cause you slowed down in time they can still write you a ticket for the speed you gave to them. Adjust your attitude, seem like you regret what you have done and sorry for it. Sometimes the cop will take your reg and license go back to his car and run it, come back and tell you to slow down and have a nice day or give you a ticket lol! If he does give you a ticket still be nice, don't be all grumpy. In court
you can meet with the officer and most of the time they do reduce it to a non moving violation (at least in NY they do it's a big game).

There are so much more tips and methods to getting away with speeding, bottom line don't speed if you don't want to be caught. You are not invincible and don't think for a second you ever are.
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