Infinity Perfect 12.1 - Enclosure Specs


Alright, I've got 1 single voice coil Infinity Perfect 12.1. Can anyone provide me with the optimum specs for a vented enclosure for this sub? The more specific the info, the better. I believe it should be a 1.75 cu ft. box. What about the port? Square or Round? What size? How long? Any help would be very much appreciated.

well i have 2 12"s and i have them in a 1.0 cubic foot SEALED enclosure becasue that is whats reccommended for the sub and it sounds really really nice i picked up a dual box on ebay for about 25$ plus shipping but make sure you get a mdf box (medium Density Fiberboard) dont buy a q locig box becasue they are particle board look under 12" box for ebay or sealed box and make sure it is mdf and not particle board. i hope this helps
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