Car Mp3/CD Players: Pioneer DEH-P7400MP or JVC KD-SH707?


hi, i am looking to get a good car mp3/cd player, and i dont know wether to get the Pioneer DEH-P7400MP or the JVC KD-SH707. I've heard only good things about the Pioneer from my research except that there is a 5 second or so wait in between songs. Someone mentioned they bought the JVC instead because the wait is only 1-2 seconds. How do these 2 compare otherwise? I have read quite a bit about the pioneer and it sounds very good, but I don't know to much about the JVC so i was wondering if anyone could tell me the differences and which is better (from the experience of hearing one of them, not just posting a description of them from another website). thanks,

hey there, alright both of those are very good HU's, if you had to choose between the 2 it woudl be whichever u can find a better deal, although if you want to uprgade one model up to the one im getting, the JVC KD-SH909, it is almost exactly the same price although you will be getting more power to your system because of the 4V , 3 sets of preouts VS the 2 V with the pionneer and the JVC 707, so spend the extra 30 bucks and get the 909, otherwise both are great decks, personaly i liek the JVC although the pioneer defintly has the nicer look with the screen, but then agagin so does the JVC KD-LH2000, hope thhhat helped u out a bit

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do u ship international

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Pioneer is good. So is Alpine.
Alpine's mp3 abilities are better.
JVC has lousy tuners
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