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Listen to t.v. through my stereo?scott klemmsensen3
Digital to Digital Amp solution for X360 to HDTV?Berny2
Help With Sound Problemtvshopper2
Tv sound into dvd theatre 5.1surround rick priest1
How far behind am I and why not clear soundCasey2
Anyway to get av recievers to auto select dts over dd?Arty-G5
5.1 setup with 6.1 receiverPat O'Brien5
HELP - Onkyo HT-S580 System John Swain1
Surround from DVD only - Confused!Cyrus Sidhwa4
Onkyo TX-SR674kevin Gilcrest1
Sony DAV-S400 Sound Issue (none)chris emery2
TV Sound Through Stereo Receiver/TunerCasey2
Help with setting up PS2 dolby?DanniBoi47
Connecting TV to AVR. No surround sound with TVJOHN S8
Need advise on Surrond speakersjim watson2
Newbie --> NEED HELP for 5.1 Surround SoundAli Farsai1
5.1 speakers for 200$Bostjan1
Dvds or cds that are great for surround?Andy Summers6
Help setting up surround soundBerny2
Dolby surround prologic II Arty-G10
Digital sound from digital cableBerny2
Yamaha matrix 6.1 for use on dolby surround ex dvds?Umer Pasha5
No Digital 5.1 via Optical to Coaxial ConverterUmer Pasha6
Center Speaker Location Questions / IdeasFrank12031
Volume of 5 Speakersjonny3
Can i connect pc to dvd player via 3.5mm??jonny3
Thoughts on bridging between surround speakers to fill sound stage ...jonny1
Old school components for HT?Jaques Strapp1
Pioneer amp cracking and scratching noises!!Paul Wilson1
Problems with Lecson AVR-950Brendon Blackshaw1
Help needed - no DVD sound on Denon receiverdaniel collins52
Optical or coax to 5.1 analogdavid frey5
Connection help pleaseBerny4
No sound in subwoofer @INSIGNIA HC-040917Yuri Vlad1
Why No Sound?Berny2
How does a surround sound system hook up to tv?www.FtaLife.com66
Understanding Small vs Large JOHN S11
Problems with DTS (Denon 2807 Receiver)Berny2
Is HDMI bidirectional?JOHN S4
Help? =[Berny3
No sound with center speaker in my pionear souround soundJOHN S2
Help anybody!JOHN S2
In-wall surround speakers to replace Monitor Audio FXiLarry Rivero1
Problem with surround sound.Berny2
Can you use a different receiver for.....Berny2
New TV with no Audio out....connecting to Surround sound ??Berny2
Led display broke bose lifestyle 12Berny2
Noob question about 6.1 vs. 5.1cj bizzy37
I need a digital adapter for m y logitech x-530Berny4
Only sound from one speaker, help pleaseBerny6
Surround sound system shuts offNeil Martin3
Help! Denon AVR-3300 noise, static, hissAl4
Surround sound hook upBerny2
Digital Sound Cuts Out.....HELP!!!Jason M. Harbeck1
Source signal vs final outputKevin J.5
Sky telly in 'surround sound'rory s3
JVC: TH-M505Ventris1
Problem With Insignia IS-HTIB102732Berny2
Have you heard?Berny4
Wires, wires everywhere is wires...........helppppppBerny2
Background music no voice in surround soundBerny2
Klm indoor/outdoorMatt1
Overly loud moviestom russo3
HELP! re: KLH R-5100don parks2
5.1 through optical only coming out of Center channelOlman Feelyus3
Can DVD Player's Video be watched on LCD Monitor?Kevin J.3
Optical Cable Help PleaseMatt Whitlock4
Please help to determine what exactly this is?Kagasawa1
How to hook up Tivo and get better soundMatthew Karafa1
Need help with how to get true surround from sky, PS2, TV with inex...James Elliott3
XBOX - Please HelpNicole Wichert27
Bose lifestyle ProblemKing of Australia2
Brothers wedding present..... JOHN S3
AIWA AVJ -X33 Vs PHILIPS LX2600Dlewis mubemba1
Stumped: TV sound to surround speakersBerny9
Klipsch 5.1 promedia satellites to receiver??? possible???malvin richardson2
Bose Headache!! Please helpJason Haffari1
Y-adapterJOHN S4
Koss KS5190 -- Need help, can't get the optical in to outputBrandon Briggs1
Audio input to SONY DAV-DZ100 - IS it possible? Help?Tom Adam Brook4
How do I hook up all this stuff to get best picture and sound? Slimer753
Sound ideaGrief8
Who wants to help me with fun problem :PBerny9
Driving digital to stereoBerny2
Xbox + Logitech X-530 Help plzFeR21
DTS vs. Dolby Digital. The subwoofer.RuN107
Dialogue issueBerny22
THX selectJOHN S2
PCM 96khz 24bit playback questionGeorge Strider1
No sound through digital audio coaxial cableNeil Martin4
Conncting Surround SoundRoy Burton1
Cheap ReceiverJOHN S3
HDMI Setup?Chuck Czerny4
System Shut DownBerny2
Surround Receivers with audio/video sync capabilityAdam Gresswell1
Just bought a new surround sys.callled THEATER LOGIC Zulhansem3
Front speakers placement Andy Summers2
Need help with surround systemAndy Summers5
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