Please help with CRACKLING NOISE


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I have Klipsch Pro Media GMX D- 5.1 speakers that I'm trying to hook up to my JVC DVD Player.

MAJOR PROBLEM. I just received this system and would like to use it with my DVD player. It is all hooked up with the Coxail cable. The problem is that when the DVD player is starting a terrible CRACKING and SNAPPING sound comes from the speakers until the movie is actually playing and the Dolby Digital light is on. When the DVD is in the menu and the soundtrack breaks to start again is when the cracks sound. It seems every time the speakers aren't receiving the Dolby signal from the DVD player it CRACKS. It isn't just my DVD player either because it also did the same thing on my iMAC G5 that of course doesn't offer Dolby 5.1 sound (even though they say it does).

While the DVD is playing the sound is perfect, just when I use the menu, stop the DVD, or when it starts playing and first recognizes the Dolby signal. What I want is a smooth transation without the loud CRACKS and SNAPS.

Any help would be more than awesome, I've tried everything. All the options on the DVD player are changed to the right audio outputs for the digital signal. I have a JVC DVD player from a couple of years ago. HELP!


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Sounds to me like the sound field is being disenguaged by preamp portion of the unit when it is looses bitstream signal momentarily. This enguaging and disenguaging for the non discrete amp is likely the popping sound you here.

I dont know if its a defect in your D/A converter, or your preamp, or just a crappy non discrete amp in the sub portion.

Your best bet is to try hooking up the DVD with an optical audio cable instead of coax digital and see if the problem extends to that input.

If it does, or if your dvd player doesn't have an optical output, best i can suggest is refering the equipment for repair or simply turning the volume down during transitions.

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Thanks. I think I'm just going to try the new DVD player and the fiber optic cable. I really hope it works!!
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