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Hi. I am having a great deal of problems in trying to set up my surround sound system, which is all new to me so I apologise if I am asking easy questions... Basically I have a Marantz AV receiver, a Pioneer DVD player, and a speaker package which has a 5.1 amp built in to the sub. My DVD player doesn't have the necessary outputs connect straight to the built in amp, so I am trying to go into the AV then to each speaker, as well as a lead to the sub. At the moment I have a lead between the digital coxials of the DVD and AV (also a S-Video which I'm not sure I need?) and a scart from the DVD to the tv. Basically I can't get any sound out of the rear speakers or sub and the sound out of the front and centre is not good. Any ideas??

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Get back. Get back to where you once belonged. My idea would be to go back where you bought everything and ask them for assistance. How did you end up with a reciever and an additional 5.1 amp in the sub? Did someone suggest this was what you needed to purchase or did you decide this yourself? What you are describing makes no sense and will only frustrate you and possibly damage the equipment if you hook something up incorrectly. Either you or the salesperson needs to admit you screwed up an make the necessary changes to get a system that works together. Go back to where to belong, Loretta!

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I have already bought 2 Mordaunt Short front speakers ms40 and would like to buy 2 ms30 or ms40 rear speakers and a centre front speaker with same driver to have a surround sound system. Where can I find those speakers? tks

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Do they not sell these speakers from where you bought the other ones?

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I have the same setup with the dvd player, av receiver and 5.1 amplifier with sub. no problem.
I connected the dvd player digital coxial/optical output to the av receiver input and then connected the 5 speakers to the rear of the av receiver. Do not connect the speakers to the built-in amp.
I only hooked up the sub (built-in amp) with the sub preout of the av receiver. My dvd player has 5.1 output so I also connected these to 6 ch inputs of the receiver for listening the SACD /DVD-A..

Everythings going well. nice surrounds from all speakers and sub.
I think you need to check the setting of the real and sub from your av receiver manual. Actually read the manual in detail and setup what you think is suitable for you.
Hope this help you!

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Dunno if you can help me here, but could do with a lot of help! I'm buying some decks and a mixer off my mate, and she runs them through her stereo at the minute. My stereos pretty shoddy tho, and is not gonna give a great sound! Its a pre-amp mixer, so does that mean i do/dont need an amp. and also, whats the difference between active and passive speakers?
Please help!

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My experience with audio pre/amp mixers is that I hook them up directly to a power amp and all controls are done via the mixer.
Active speakers are self contained and they have their own internal power amps and passives are just the opposite, they require an external power amp to be driven.

hi i hope someone can help me! i have some new decks, but the sound is only coming from the headphones, if i buy some active speakers will i also need an amp?
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