Is anyone else having problems with there BEV using atmega with nnw21d and jeepers 212010. I get a blank screen but the menus and program guide still work.

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using a ROM10 card and having the same problem
Has someone tried to upgrade the receiver to the latest version 4.69 ?

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Heres what happened:

ExpressVu to zap satellite thieves by Barbara Shecter
Source : National Post

New technology to remotely deactivate illegal program decoders: Signal theft widespread

August 12, 2003

Television viewers who pull in programming from Bell ExpressVu without paying for it are about to be zapped, the company said yesterday.

Bell Canada's ExpressVu satellite division said it will begin "remotely deactivating satellite receivers that illegally decode programming."

In addition, the company said it plans to track who buys its equipment and correlate their addresses with its billing department to make sure the set-top boxes are being used by subscribed customers.

"Our aim is to retain our loyal customers and eliminate signal theft," said Timothy McGee, president of Bell ExpressVu, Canada's largest satellite TV company.

He added that he hopes the new measures, which will disrupt and complicate TV-watching, will deter those considering piracy.

Industry groups have reported that as many as 750,000 households receive an illegal signal from the United States, costing the Canadian broadcasting industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Mr. McGee said the number of Canadians hacking into ExpressVu's system is much lower, but he would not be specific. ExpressVu has 1.3 million paying subscribers.

The latest technology to combat piracy involves a signal from ExpressVu's satellites that will target the software in the set-top receiver boxes attached to TV sets.

"We are disabling the software in the box that allows the [programming] card and the box to work together," Mr. McGee said.

While hackers have figured out how to fix a "zapped" card, the new technology "does not allow that box to recover unless it's fixed by us," he said.

The signal will not discriminate between those who are using the ExpressVu equipment to pull in Canadian or U.S. satellite programming that is not being paid for. Users who pay a basic fee for ExpressVu programming but use a specially programmed card to pick up more programming will also be targeted, Mr. McGee said.

"To get any programming you're not paying for, you have to have an illegal device," he said. The signal "will search out any box that has an illegal device."

Luc Lavoie, executive vice-president of Quebecor Inc., which owns Canada's third-largest cable company, said ExpressVu is downplaying the problem of piracy of Canadian TV signals.

"We have evidence that 20% of the ones in Quebec are stealing signals," he said, adding that the vast majority of viewers in the province watch exclusively French television, making it unlikely they are stealing from U.S. satellite services.

"I'm sure there are thousands [taking ExpressVu signals] in English Canada as well. It's so easy to steal them I wonder why not everybody is doing it."

Executives from Quebecor and its Videotron cable subsidiary have been critical of ExpressVu's stance on piracy in the past, and Mr. Lavoie said yesterday that he believes the news of a crackdown was prompted by an upcoming meeting with the federal telecommunications regulator.

"What a surprise, a week prior [to the Aug. 18 meeting] they come up with this."

ExpressVu's Mr. McGee said his company is working on making the technology more difficult to crack and will be rolling out a set-top box without a card by the end of this year. He added the degree of difficulty for fixing zapped equipment will be "ratcheted up significantly" with the latest electronic countermeasures.

"Presumably, there will always be hackers who are going to devote themselves to getting around this," he said. For the rest, "if they want to continue to get service from us, they'll have to do so in a fully paid and legitimate way."

© National Post

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Atmegas use the latest fix:

Latest_Atmega-128_FIX_Juggalo_X' Included is the fix,jeepers,Scammers2,basic guide.

More guides and information is on the ftp.
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