Powering Triple LNBFs with FTA


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I have run into a problem. It seems my Sonicview 8000 HD does not output enough to power the triple LNBFs on my SuperDish 1000.2.

I have heard the 1000.2 requires 750mA, but the 8000 HD only puts out 500mA.

The two solutions I have read about are:

1) Use a DP44 Power Inserter on one of the outputs of the SuperDish. (Leaving me 2 outputs for receivers).

2) Hook up an older Dish Network receiver to output #1 of the SuperDish and use it to power the dish.

If I go the route of using an older reciever to power, can/should I turn off the LNB power option off on the FTA?

Do I need to hook up the old receiver into output #1, or will any do?

Finally, can 2 FTA boxes (for example a SV360 and SV8000HD) power the LNBFs even though both boxes offer a max output of 500mA? I wonder if its like having 1000mA, or will the dish pull the power needed from only one at a time?

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Well what changed; I just acquired a 8000 HD and attempted to hook it up. It's rebooting randomly while in use, and sometimes it will stop getting signal from 119 as well. A simple flick of the power switch in the back, and it's back to working for a few minutes.

I was running a SV360 Elite on the same 1000.2 without much problem. I would notice maybe once every few days the receiver would need to be hard booted, but I figured that's the way FTA's were (nitpicky/unstable).

But the SV360 Elite only was hitting 110/119, and I didn't have any settings entered for 129. I am thinking maybe that kept the power requirement lower?

I am using the internal DiSEq that the SuperDish 1000.2 has (3 outputs, 1 input for 4th orbital which is currently unused). I had a DPP Separator for the Elite's dual-tuner functionality, but I have since removed that from the setup, and I am running 1 output to the 8000 HD.

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You need the power inserter or an old Dish receiver. I don't know why you would not want to use the output #1, but you could try other outputs.
It should be on all the time.
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