ViewSat WF New Channel Request


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Starting this thread with the hope that it will be heard...


HUM TV 620
PTV 744
GEO TV 745
AAG TV 903

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anyone getting any of these channels?

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I don't think viewsat has any international channels.

Sonicview with SV Lan is the only STB that has all of those channels on public.

Here is a list of the SV Lan international channels. For a full channel list look at other posts as they have more then any other public up right now.

573 Sanskar TV Up-118
574 NDTV Imagine Up-118
575 SAB TV USA Up-118
577 Premiere Futebol Clube Up-118
578 TARAM Up-118
579 Inter + Up-118
582 Willow Cricket Up-118
587 AATH Up-118
588 Blue Up-118
589 ANT20 Up-118
591 Telekanal La Minor Up-118
592 Zhivi! Up-118
593 Russian Life Up-118
597 TVBSL Up-118
598 RBT International Up-118
599 SIC Noticias Up-118
601 Al Jazeera Sport Channel Global Up-118
605 Ant 1 Satellite Up-118
606 BBC Arabic Up-118
607 OTV Up-118
609 Sport TV Up-118
610 German Sports Up-118
611 BBTVP Up-118
616 Express News Up-118
620 Hum TV USA Up-118
623 Masala TV Up-118
648 ASTHA Up-118
649 ZOOM Up-118
651 Aapka Colors Up-118
652 TIMES NOW Up-118
654 Anhui TV Up-118
655 Chongqing TV Up-118
657 OnGameNet Up-118
658 BTN Up-118
659 Dubai Sports Up-118
660 FRN24 Up-118
661 Wow TV Up-118
663 ARY Musik Up-118
664 Shenzhen TV Up-118
668 JSTV Up-118
674 Indus Music Up-118
675 TV Japan Up-118
676 Jiangsu International Up-118
677 Dragon TV North America Up-118
678 Indus Vision
679 Phoenix InfoNews Channel Up-118
680 Phoenix Satellite TV Up-118
681 CCTV 4 America Up-118
682 ETTV Drama Up-118
683 ET Global Up-118
684 ETTV News Up-118
685 ETTV China Up-118
686 Beijing TV Up-118
687 Yoyo TV America Up-118
688 JET TV Up-118
689 TTV (Taiwan) Up-118
690 CTV (Taiwan) Up-118
691 CTS (Taiwan) Up-118
692 Sky Link TV2 Up-118
693 Sky Link TV Up-118
694 CCTV 9 Up-118
696 China Movie Channel Up-118
697 CCTV Entertainment Up-118
698 Asia TV (Hong Kong) Up-118
699 CCTV Opera Up-118
700 Guangdong Satellite TV Up-118
701 Fujian South East TV Up-118
702 TV 9 Telugu Up-118
703 FTV (Taiwan) Up-118
705 Arirang World Up-118
706 China Yellow River TV Station Up-118
707 Pacvia TV Up-118
708 Hunan TV Up-118
709 SET International Up-118
710 EBC Financial News Up-118
711 The Israeli Network Up-118
712 RESport Up-118
713 Viva TV (Philippines) Up-118
714 NBN (Philippines) Up-118
715 RPN 9 Up-118
716 Star Plus USA Up-118
717 GMA Pinoy TV US Up-118
718 Star One USA Up-118
719 Star Chinese Channel Int Up-118
720 GMA Life TV Up-118
721 Star Chinese Movies 2 USA Up-118
724 German Kino Plus Up-118
725 DW-TV USA Up-118
726 ProSiebenSat. 1 Welt Up-118
727 Video Italia Up-118
728 Rai Italia 2 Up-118
729 Channel V Taiwan International Up-118
730 Rai News 24 Up-118
731 TV 5 Monde USA Up-118
733 Polsat 2 Up-118
734 TVN 24 Up-118
735 Trace TV Up-118
736 ITVN USA Up-118
737 Eurochannel Up-118
739 Benfica TV Up-118
740 NTV America Up-118
741 TV Centr International Up-118
742 Israel Global 1 Up-118
743 Good Life Up-118
744 PTV Global USA Up-118
745 Geo USA Up-118
746 ARY Digital USA Up-118
747 ARY News UK & USA Up-118
748 Dawn News Up-118
749 TV 1000 Russkoe Kino Up-118
750 Ekushey TV Up-118
751 Afrotainment Up-118
752 Eurochannel Up-118
753 Xiamen TV Up-118
754 Xiamen Star TV Up-118
755 Bangla Vision Up-118
757 KANTI Up-118
758 ART America Up-118
759 ART Movies America Up-118
760 LBC America Up-118
761 Al Jazeera Channel Up-118
762 Al Masriyah USA Up-118
763 Nile Drama Up-118
764 Future TV America & Australia Up-118
765 Dubai TV Europe Up-118
766 MBC International Up-118
767 Abu Dhabi TV Up-118
768 Abu Dhabi Al Oula Europe Up-118
769 Dream 2 Up-118
770 NBN (Lebanon) Up-118
772 Al Arabiya Up-118
774 Al Jadeed Sat Up-118
776 MTVI Up-118
777 ART Hekayat Up-118
783 TV9 Up-118
788 TV Asia Up-118
789 SET USA Up-118
790 Zee Cinema USA Up-118
791 B4U Movies USA Up-118
793 SET Max Up-118
794 Aaj Tak International Up-118
795 Sun TV US (India)
796 KTV (India)
797 Sahara One Up-118
799 Gemini TV Up-118
802 GEMINI Movies Up-118
803 Udaya TV Up-118
804 NTV (Bangladesh) Up-118
805 RTV (Bangladesh) Up-118
806 Channel I Up-118
808 B4U Music USA Up-118
811 Maa TV Up-118
813 Headlines Today International Up-118
814 TV Globo Internacional Américas Up-118
815 Record Internacional USA-Canada Up-118
816 RTP Internacional América Up-118
817 SPT Up-118
818 ATN Bangla Up-118
900 Euronews (Audio) Up-118
901 Euronews Up-118
902 GEO News Up-118
903 AAG TV Up-118
904 TVONE Up-118
906 DAA12 Up-118
907 Star Ananda Up-118
918 Thuan Viet Up-118

Channels above are on Sonicview SV Lan - Akai Japan Group Public Server.

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FTA BADASS: This thread is about Viewsat WF. why are you spamming your Sonicview?

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Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 10:16 am:
FTA BADASS: This thread is about Viewsat WF. why are you spamming your Sonicview?

No business of your unless you are the owner of this site.

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Naxian New member

You are a new member. You do not know who the owner is and where you stand as a member except getting close to suspension

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Show proof

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viewsat WF is not good for international channels.

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Nydas, stop being rude. I thought you were done with that nonsense. Read their post. They know they don't have those channels on viewsat wf which is why they requested them. Their next question was does anyone get these channels which is what I replied to. The only person posting in the wrong section again is you. How many times do you need to be proven wrong before you stop your nonsense?

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FTA BADASS: This thread is about Viewsat WF. why are you spamming your Sonicview?


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I am agree with Nydas this thread is about viewsat WF.

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Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 11:16 am:


More appropriate place to make a suggestion for a change or addition of channels would be

This forum is meant for exchange of information between members.


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Nydas stop spamming rude comments to members. You comments are rude, wrong and 100% useless as usual. You have not contributed anything to this thread and have no clue what it is about.

This thread was started by "KKG EmC2" and it is their thread not yours or viewsats. They requested those channels knowing they are not up. Then asked who is getting these channels.

My response was the only one useful to them so stop being rude ands spamming.

This is a free satellite forum so stop acting like you can suspend users and trying to run people away from this forum so more.

Soon they will see you do more harm for this forum then good and it wont matter that you have 20,000 posts by spamming everyone elses threads all the time.

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Stop spamming SV LAN to members. Sonicview hubs are a big scam.
Soon they will see you do more harm to members of this forum then good and it wont matter that you joined in 2006. You will not be able to post in that name.

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THANK You ftabadass

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You tell him FTA BADASS!

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Viewsat WF team dose not care about your channels request, they won't add any but there is reduction of desi channels in past .

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Guy's this tread was created with the intention of Viewsat WF....same thing for ViewSat status thread - it's always good to keep related info in one thread...saves time on research...

BUT no one owns any thread so feel free to do what you think is right...all grown up here....its just a matter of how organized/useful we want this forum to be.

Kismat Ka Gandoo (KKG)

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Can anyone please list what desi you are getting?

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what channels are the desi channels

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Here is a list of desi channels. These are all on Anik F3 at 118.7W
Private and public Iks servers may give some but usually not all of the above.

Channel NameSID
TV 9 GujaratA A 807
Star AnandaA A 907
Channel 580A A 580
Kairali ChannelA A 801
Gemini MoviesA A 802
NTV (Bangladesh)A A 804
Cine BanglaA A 805
Channel IA A 806
Jaya TVA A 792
Gemini TVA A 799
Surya TVA A 800
Geo NewsA A 902
Aag TVA A 903
Aastha InternationalA A 648
Zoom (India)A A 649
Times NowA A 652
MTV IndiaA A 776
SirippoliA A 778
Kalaignar TVA A 779
TV 9 KannadaA A 783
Ekushey TVA A 750
Bangla VisionA A 755
Kairali PeopleA A 786
SamayA A 798
Udaya TVA A 803
Maa TVA A 811
ATN BanglaA A 818
Star Vijay USAA A 583
Neo Cricket AmericaA A 584
Aastha BhajanA A 669
Star Plus USAA A 716
Star One USAA A 718
Kairali WeA A 785
Zee TV USAA A 787
Headlines Today InternationalA A 813
Sanskar TVA A 573
Willow CricketA A 582
PTC PunjabiA A 604
TV 9 TeluguA A 702
TV AsiaA A 788
B4U Movies USAA A 791
Aaj Tak InternationalA A 794
Sahara OneA A 797
Aapka ColorsA A 651
Mh 1A A 812
ZTV WorldA A 754
Punjjabi TV USA A 602
Alpha ETC Punjabi USAA A 622
Masala TVA A 623
Jaya MaxA A 595
Geo USAA A 745
ARY Digital USAA A 746
ARY News UK & USAA A 747
Zee Cinema USAA A 790
ARY MusikA A 663
Indus MusicA A 674
Ten Cricket InternationalA A 576
Sun TV US (India)A A 795
KTV (India)A A 796
Jus PunjabiA A 809
Radio ItaliaA A 909
Jaya PlusA A 594
G PunjabiA A 621
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