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found this post
c/p post written by Megodtron

We have Finally relocated and are up and running!!!!Although we are days behind becouse of our last unfortunate incident, the status on the N3 crack is still the same.A few of our investors who are testing the current Beta files have reported no change (Dn and Bev Wide open until freezing occurs).We are on the final stage.Only issues are freezing afters hours of being up and running.I can only say that N3 Files are expected anytime!!!
"On a personal Note This game is...."
Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!!!!
End C/P

Wow I hope this rumor turns into a Fact!!!

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Yeah - yeah - yeah. Just another N3 Pipe dream post that is sure to draw attention. Ah well, we can only hope.

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c/p from ftahangout

There still hasnt been a relase of any N3 files as of yet. Viewsat is still claming they have them almost ready. Also the word is Team Pansat will be making a announcement this weekend on the N3. So keep checking the site as we will post up to date news.


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I had a dream not a N3 Pipe dream.
Pansat will be the King again you can take this to the Bank.

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After tugging on my unit...

I had 5% excercise...
10% skill...
20% imagination...
30% anticipation
35% frustration...

Because at the last moment when there should have
been an incredible release, there was only snow & noise
COMING from my T.V.

Nothing had changed... Only Hopes fading away...


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total bs

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That is a Post that was to have been written by Cyphris, however it was written by a imposter posing as Cyphris.

I bring this info into play!
"There have been many rumors flying around in regards to VS. So I will set a few things straight. First off there was never any N3 VS Beta file made for release or for testing to special people. Secondly The VS coders premises or work area or warehouse as what was said was never nor has ever been broken into, raided. In Fact the VS coders are not even in North America and are spread out in different parts of the world.

As for any dates for a VS release for a standalone file, Again it is undetermined as it is still a work in progress. I can say they do have Video and Audio working, however it is very unstable. This is the part in which is making it very difficult but with time they will be able to solve that issue and get it to a stable state that will allow for a public release."

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I just wish FTAHQ would take the "*** N3 Files Expected ANYTIME ***" flashing banner down...

A month or two later... It's more of an Insult.

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All viewsat news are BS surely used by Dn or Bev to blocked the IKS sales.

If ftahq was hacked by providers, they could put Telephonica bin to force them to buy new N3 encryption.

Just my opinion.

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