W G4 Card for all PPV Movie,ppv Sports


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this is a copy and paste here from othere site ......

W(G4) card for all PPV Movie, PPV Sports


c/p from another site..///...Mr. Charles Ergen (CEO) of DN "announced in a Memo to the (SI) department that he would be releasing the (G4) card for all PPV Movie, PPV Sports, and all PPV P0rn Channels within the next few months for all (VIP) model MPEG4 boxes. I believe this is a calculated move to counter any and all (loopholes), and or (backdoors) that some (NDS) and (Kudelski Group) coders might have left into their older system Nagra1 and Nagra2 encryption systems that Nagra3 is based on. This is ofcourse circumvent all work hackers have done up to this time on Nagra3 systems to date, and will cause all the work done up to this point to be worthless. I personally believe this may have been his plan from the beginning and force hackers to stop work on the new system and to wait for.

Sorry for the News but its all I have to offer.

Sorry to bust your bubble here but its NOT Nagra 3 encryption Charlie is going to use he is pulling all the stops out and going to NAGRA4 yeppers!! thats right Nagra4 encryption on all these P0RN0 channels. Sorry for the bad news guys but this has not even been seen outside the lab yet and their is no known hack!

Oh' Sorry forgot to mention that the new (G4) cards are only going to be issued to ppl with the (VIP) Receivers and substrictions to these Playboy channels, so anyone with a VIP receiver that is MPEG4 will get this cards.

Next C/P

In DN Corporation Q4 2008 Earnings Call dated March 2, 2009 12:00 pm ET Charlie Ergen - Chairman & CEO DN stated the following...

"Our current swap out where more than halfway through and should be completed by about midyear and then we'll start testing the turn-offs. We may do some of that for specific groups before that to give us some indications. The other thing that we are doing a little bit different this time is we also are in the process of not only doing this swap out but developing the next generation card so that we will follow at some point with another generation card behind this one, probably regardless of how the pirates attack it. So we'll continue to try to not get behind like we did last time."
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