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nalin what hd recevier should i buy that has meg4

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Dont buy it without know if it can work in the futur

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All new Dish receivers are MPEG4 and DN has stopped providing MPEG2 receivers.
DTV has MPEG4 receivers. Bell 9242 is MPEG4 receiver.
I am not sure about 'MPEG4' in the FTA receivers. You should be vary about this claim in a FTA receiver. There is a Captain 9000HD in the wings somewhere but not yet on sale.
However, with the uncertainties about nagra 3, I would not invest in one yet.

[link removed]

Here is a CP from 'Dish Doctor's post on 10th August, 2008

Here is some more info on Echo* 6 at 72.2 degrees, and the eastern arc setup.
C/P from multichannel...

Scott Greczkowski
Eastern Arc Lives!
August 8, 2008
Charlie Ergen's dream of an all MPEG4 satellite television lives! After some doubt that the new service would lift off due to recent satellite issues for DN, it was announced on DN's 'Retailer Chat' broadcast yesterday that Eastern Arc Lives.

The all new Eastern Arc service will be broadcast from the 61.5, 72.7 and 77 degree orbital locations. Currently all programming from DN will be simulcast on the Eastern Arc with the exception of its 'Dish Latino' Spanish language service, which for the time being will remain on the legacy MPEG2/MPEG4 satellite service which is now being called DN's 'Western Arc' service.

The Eastern Arc will make satellite television available to many on the East Coast who could never get satellite television before due to the low look angle many have on the East Coast (the satellites on the East Coast are often blocked by trees)

The new Eastern Arc service will transmit all SD and HD programming using MPEG4 technology. The Eastern Arc service will initially be available to new subscribers only, and this is due to the fact that customers need a new satellite dish (called the Dish 1000.4) as well as new MPEG4 satellite receivers which include the next generation (3G) smart card security technology. DN will be rolling out a smart card security upgrade program which is expected to take until the end of the year. (if not longer)

It is a possibility that after the smart card update is done that customers might be able to take advantage of the Eastern Arc service, however those wishing to do this might need to buy and install the new 1000.4 satellite dish themselves.

Eastern Arc service will be rolling out starting on August 20th in 21 DMA's as a test. After testing is complete the Eastern Arc service will be made available to other DMA's. DN installers will be able to choose if a customer is installed with Eastern Arc or Western Arc service, depending on that is the easiest for them to install.

I personally interested in seeing what the standard definition channels look like in MPEG4, I would expect a picture quality difference when compared with the current MPEG2 channels offered...... can see the sucky part highlighted in red!!!

Basically what this means is like I have said somewhere on here before, you will need a MPEG4 receiver to get this bird, and obviously now they are using Nagra 3 for scrambling as well.

Nagra 3 does seem obvious to me as I list 214 channels after a scan on my SV-8000, and only 13 of those are listed as "not scrambled". 12 of those are SD channels and appear to be various DN info channels or networks, and the last one is a HD channel (not on 8PSK!!!, because I do not have a module in it), and appears to be HD theater. The remaining channels will not come in (even with current keys), so that is why I am guessing they are scrambled with Nagra 3.
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