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I have a coverted 2500/2700 puff receiver and loaded the latest ukr_jvvh265 bin. I go into antenna setup and set my settings and i'm getting 28 quality level. Is anyone else having the same issues? Nothing has been tampered with (dishes outside). Any ideas how I should fix this problem?

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1. Do user setup.
2. Do a blind scan on one setting, ignoring the quality level.
3. If still no good, try using another PUFF BIN, such as Lothario or Saif. Fwank7 BIN is too close to UKR's to be different.

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adjust your antenna settings and watch you Q singnal. Even if settings are correct changing then back can wake up signal. Scan pronto. Sometimes memory is maxed out on 2nd or 3rd sat. If running multiple sats settup/scan bev 1rst then hardboot then settup/scan DN. May be limited to 1 or 2 sats depending on current bin.

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Most recent ECMs lowers Q-quality signals
don't move your antenna- get a working bin

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you are rigth Yukon some files are corrupt

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With the 2500 converted the coders continualy amaze themselves that there able to keep it working at all with 1 meg total memory to work with and they use every bit. That causes many hoops the user must also jump through such as resetting settings and rescan or saving channels externaly to install new bin. Just like a computer needing defraging the boxes will vary disk space and one of the many bugs is with the signal and/or rebooting halfway through scan. That leaves the door open for you to experiment with scans and procedures that might get that one more mile out of the 2500.
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