PUFF_262 "Scrambled or bad channel" pops-up every 5 min.


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Username: Tscon

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Registered: Aug-07
Starting today morning "Ukr_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_262.bin" showing
"Scrambled or bad channel" every 5 min
after 1-2min start working OK again and then message pops-up 5 min later and so on.. Anybody else have similar problem?

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Username: Letmeon

Post Number: 219
Registered: Mar-06
try fwank7_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_262 version.
couple of times I tried different ones until one worked for me.}

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Username: Psanand

Oakville, On Cananda

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Registered: Sep-06
freezing is happening from morning today on dish internatioanl channels

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Username: Charjam

Post Number: 341
Registered: Sep-06
Mine is not missing a beat

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Username: Ak2011

Post Number: 41
Registered: Oct-07
mines is doing the same things..
David, which file are you using?

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Username: Ak2011

Post Number: 42
Registered: Oct-07
mines is doing the same thing..
David, which file are u using??

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Username: Tariq_ashraf

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Registered: Nov-07
Ihave Pansat 2700A. My all Asian channel has gone one by one (Indian and Pakistani). Please help me.

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Username: Ash64

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Registered: Nov-07
@ Vasil Bikov ...same thing happening on FLU....I've tried d/c diseq switch and connecting 61.5 dish directly...still the same problem.. international channels freezing @ 5 min.

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Username: Asharfi

Post Number: 1917
Registered: Aug-06

If your FTA is freezing, then please try turning OFF CLOSED CAPTION AND AUTOROLL for DN/BEV/GC.

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Username: Ash64

Post Number: 78
Registered: Nov-07
@AV this is a standard procedure..I always keep them OFF to avoid any problems.. current issue is not related to A/R off or CC off..

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Username: Imran4811

Richmond hill, Ny AMERICA

Post Number: 26
Registered: Dec-07
yes yes yes, i figured it out reload the latest bin that was out recently it worked for me

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Username: Plymouth

Quebec city, Quebec Canada

Post Number: 1761
Registered: Jan-08
Not work for me on Vs Ultra
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