New computer with only usb ports


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I recently bought a new computer, old computer crashed. I bought RS232 CONVERSion cable from radioshack, I hav'nt been able to download any bins the loader keeps saying donwloading, but nothing is happening am not sure if its the way am attempting to download or its simply the cable, can anyone assist me please? does anyone have any idea about the right cables etc?

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James check what COM PORT in your PC when you use the USB than set the same COM PORT in the loader TOO..

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Metallica, com ports are correct any other suggestions?

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serial cables come in two types straight through or null. You might need an adapter. Pansat uses straight through I believe when testing with a meter hot wire would be same if plugging in to its self created a loop. I think! One way to put it.

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james USB port need to detect what you connect disconnect USB cable an reboot computer.
With cable on box and box open reconnect USB
It supposed to detect.

Good luck

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the cable is RS232 cable from radio shack USB to null modem is this the correct cable

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Cable type is based on receiver make amd model..which u didn't mention..

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And there are 10 million threads at other sites on this subject...U will need the drivers as well a serial to USB adapter...and this is not 1 that works for all..

USB to Serial Cable Help


There have been a number of posted regarding USB to Serial Cable's.. and troubles regarding those cables.. I decided to give some tips for those people who are having troubles..

Hopefully I did not miss anything in writing this, if I did, please post or correct me.


#1. Make sure your USB to Serial Cable is compatible with your operating system.

#2. Connect your cable, install your drivers FROM a provided CD or from the manufacturer website and then make sure you have your drivers properly installed by checking the device manager.


- Go to Start - Control Panel - System - Hardware

- Go to Device Manager and Ports and see what Com your USB cable is set to.

- The Advance button will allow you to change the port. Change it to 1, 2, 3 or 4.

- Also be sure to change the Baud (Bits per second) to 115200.

#4. When using a loader from your specific reciever, make sure the COM port selected on the loader corresponds to the com port you changed in the previous step.

#5. Load your file.


- If your having trouble installing drivers for your USB to Serial Cable, try to refer to any websites of the manufacture of your specific cable for any new drivers or any help with your issue.

- If you did all the required steps and your loader sticks at 0% OR doesn't even make any connection to your receiver, your cable has not been installed properly. Please try running through all the steps again or try cleaning out any old drivers and putting them in again.

- If you still can't get it to work, try a different USB port.

- If still you cannot get anything to work, look for any hardware conflicts with your USB to Serial Cable in your device manager.

- If still you are having issues, try the cable on a different operating system or different computer.

- If you are still having issues, try different drivers instead of the ones provided.


ADDED NOTE: MANY USB to Serial cable adapters our there will not work with null modem receivers.

How To Guide: USB 2 Serial adapter to function properly


I Found this on another site hope it helps someone here

There are essentially only four basic steps required to get an USB to(2) Serial adapter to function properly:

1. Physically plug the USB2Serial adapter into an available USB port

2. Install the driver for the adapter (recommend that you use the one that was actually supplied with the adapter; universal drivers are "iffy")

3. Connect the correct cable (null or straight-through) between the adapter and your FTA receiver; in the case of the Coo*lsat, it is straight-through

4. Synchronize the COM port assignment of the USB2Serial adapter with a COM port supported by the Loader program (they MUST be the same).

The above four basic steps are relatively simple but a lot of things can go wrong along the way. For example, communications will fail if:

1. You don't use the correct type of serial cable (null modem or a straight-through) between the adapter and your FTA receiver.

2. The COM port assignment of the USB2Serial adapter and the COM port setting in the loader/software program do not match.

3. You use the wrong loader program or bin file for your particular brand/model of receiver or the bin file was not extracted and is still in zipped or compressed format

For experienced computer users, the above constitutes all the instruction you will probably require. For computer neophytes, here's a simple step by step procedure for troubleshooting your USB2Serial adapter:

1. RIGHT-click on [My Computer] » [Properties] » [Hardware] » [Device Manager]

2. Scroll down the list of devices to [Ports] and click on the [+] sign on the left of [Ports]

3. Locate your USB2Serial device under [Ports] and RIGHT-click on it; select [Properties]

4. Under the [General] tab, the [Device Status] window will indicate whether it is functioning properly. If not, you should uninstall the device, reboot, and let Windows auto-detect the device. If it cannot locate the driver, you will be prompted to insert a driver disc

5. Click on the [Port Settings] tab and bump the port speed to the max (115200 or 128000 bps).

6. If you need to change the COM port assignment of the USB2Serial adapter to match one that your Loader program will support, click on the [Advanced] button (under the [Port Settings] tab) and change the [COM Port] value.

7. Be sure to sync or match the adapter's COM port assignment with one that the Loader program supports.

One final note: Coo*lsat receivers have an [Auto Detect] feature for locating and synchronizing the Loader program with the PC. You do not have to modify the COM port assignment (step 6) if you have a Coo*lsat receiver (just click on [Auto Detect].

Keep in mind that if you disconnect the USB2Serial adapter and plug it into a DIFFERENT USB port the next time you go to use it, Windows will automatically assign a different COM port value to the adapter. To eliminate configuration issues, always plug the USB2Serial adapter into the same USB port each time.

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Well i think LK did a good job and didn't leave out anything . But since i went through this i am going to try to make it simple . I bought a new com. with Vista windows and i had a radio shack cable that worked fine with win XP but it would not work with Vista i called radio shack and they told me that it would not work on Vista . Now i got my com. the first week that vista came out so maybe they have a driver but when i had windows to search for a driver it came back that i had the latest driver Hope this helps

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LK's information is as clear as water. Like, he said, do a little research in other websites and you'll find everything you need. One bit of advise, if you have windows Vista in your computer, Keyspan has been he only USB to serial cable adapter that I have found that works with Vista. You can purchase that adapter on their website however, you may find it cheaper at amazon, ebay, etc. your choice.
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