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Blacklist Busted


hi everybody
this is ac/p from another site and they said it is confirmed

It seems that several pre-dawn raids in Los Angeles county area have
resulted in the arrest of Blacklist - the infamous Pansat coder - and
his accomplice, A--m L-----n - aka Mr. Leaker.

This is a developing story, but the raids have been confirmed by several
credible sources, including

If indeed true, it looks like it is game over for Mr. Kim of Panarex.
Echostar and the Feds now clearly have a connection between the
coder(s) and the manufacturer. This does not bode well for the
entrepreneurs and coders involved in this enterprise. Indeed, they will
most likely be charged under the DMCA and face lengthy jail senteces of
up to 5 years.

If the FBI was investigating Pansat, you can bet the farm Viewsat,
Cooolsat and the others in California will be raided too.

It looks like Echostar with the help of the FBI is going to destroy the
FTA industry in the USA rather then secure their own signal which is
the cause of all these problems in the first place.

bad news for all

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the way he types english... i dont even think he lives in the usa. his nationality is armanian or something like that, at least that is what he claims on the irc channel.
i also claim bullshit.

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Big bullshat

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It sure was nice for the police to allow Blacklist to go on Mirc instead of his one phone call.
Bullshit indeed.

[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» ««« Thanks For The "Op's" Future-BoT »»»
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Hey Guys
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» lol
[11:25pm]« Cuetip » hello BL[11:25pm]« FtaMan » bl hey
[11:25pm] <pacific101> What's Up BlackList
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» hows everyone
[11:25pm] FtaMan sets mode: +m
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» I heared
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» news about my self beeing[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Busted
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» its allover
[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» He He
[11:25pm]« Cuetip » lol
[11:26pm] <pacific101> Laughing Out Loud
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» Be happy
[11:26pm]« FtaMan » indeed busted that rumor
[11:26pm]«+ westernohiopc » hey bl... how are you
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» no one busted
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» BE HAPPY!!!!!
[11:26pm]«+ ROLEX » lgood lol
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» wait for more
[11:26pm]«+ westernohiopc » We have all been defending you all night to all the idiots
[11:26pm] <pacific101> except your butt from working so hard
[11:26pm]« FtaMan » we have faith BL
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» cool
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» so just came to say
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» everything is cool
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» no one is busted
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» be happy
[11:26pm]« FtaMan » thanx so much
[11:26pm]« Mr-Imacdaddy » hey prich how about something newier that thing is old man
[11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» tell everyone to shut up
[11:27pm]« FtaMan » lol
[11:27pm]«@ hwy101» we do
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» if I dont come here doesnt mean I am busted
[11:27pm]« FtaMan » yes sir
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» Be Happy
[11:27pm]« Cuetip » I'll tell them whats up BL lol
[11:27pm]«+ Blaksmith » ROFL Blacklist
[11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » Thanks on the update
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» just wait for new sollution
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» always
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» TRUE FTA!!!!!!
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» :-)
[11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » is it full emu dude?
[11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » that is lengthy... i have heard
[11:27pm]« Sgt » ty bl
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» westernohiopc Yes this is Full emu DUDE!!!
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» :-)
[11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» Dont kick him please
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[11:28pm]«+ westernohiopc » :-)
[11:28pm] <pacific101> Laughing Out Loud
[11:28pm]« Sgt » ;-)
[11:28pm]« Cuetip » NOiCE!
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» let everyone talks what they feel to
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
[11:28pm]« FtaMan » BL is da man
[11:28pm] <pacific101> we got your back BlackList ;)
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» no hates to each other
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» give us little more time
[11:28pm]« FtaMan » oh yea we got ur back
[11:28pm]«@ Astrodude» hopefully now all the whiners will sit up and listen
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» almost done what I promised to people
[11:28pm]« Mr-Imacdaddy » good evening mr blacklist
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
[11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» Thanks all
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» and be happy
[11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » I have been telling people that and that was why pansat is better ... we are getting a full emu,,, and they arent,,, lol
[11:29pm]« FtaMan » no thank u bl
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» be back online real soon
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» :-)
[11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » THANK U
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» I am super busy
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» :-)
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» BRB ALL
[11:29pm]«+ ROLEX » thanks Blacklist for all the years
[11:29pm]«@ hwy101» well I am smoking a pipe and I am real happy
[11:29pm] <pacific101> Okay back to work for you BlackList ;)
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[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» it was getting bigger bullshit
[11:29pm]« FtaMan » thanx again bl ur hard work is very appreciated
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
[11:29pm]« Sgt » •hwy101• pass it...
[11:29pm]«+ Blaksmith » Blacklist, take all the time you need to get the code right :D
[11:29pm] * Cuetip Agrees with ROLEX
[11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» I was thinking its right to come
[11:29pm]«@ Astrodude» there you have it people, straight from the source
[11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » gonna go post this on my site... brb
[11:30pm]« Cuetip » thanks Blacklist for all the years
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» and makesure everyone is back on their own rumors"_"
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Bye all be happy
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» soon real soon
[11:30pm]« Cuetip » it's been along run, and it's still not over!
[11:30pm]«+ Ashley » I am sure the MODS appreciate it saves them a great deal of work
[11:30pm]« FtaMan » bye
[11:30pm]« Cuetip » :-)
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» I will done what I promised :-)
[11:30pm]«@ Astrodude» hey Blacklist, tell them to go listen to #fta-radio while you and your team are done ;)
[11:30pm]« Cuetip » c ya
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Have fun
[11:30pm] <pacific101> laterz BlackList
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» enjoy your stay
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» !!!!
[11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Thanks
[11:30pm]«@ mola» thx bl, ftaman, taking the +m off?
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I said a few days ago when I read the IRC chat log that I did not think it was BL....People that know him well are today saying that was not him on IRC, completely different imposter.

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my local dealer also called me to give me the news from Mr *** that Bl and the owner of pansat direct were busted yesterday...And for your post of the mirc chat.....BIG BIG difference in the way this guy posted than the original blacklist...Have to say pansat might be digging a hole sooner than what we all thought...
Yikes i sent 20 sum boxes back to pansat for jtags.....they got my number now....

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Here is what BL posted this AM at Future


Quick update for all rumors!!!!!
Blacklist never been arrested!!!! He never done anaugh to be arrested.!!!!
This is what I was trying to start with, Please all understand rumor will kill this market without any actions!!!!..... I did heared few people got reided and arrested, but dont know how true it is! I never believe in that unless if I see any actuall paper works!!!! But you guys have to understand I have to keep my side safe to void actions like that.... Me beeing quet this days has big one reason to clear if that realy happened and who got arrested.......
Please STOP!!! Rumors because by rumors this community gets hurt!!!! its always hard to fix something then create new one!
All be happy!!!

Sure looks like his post by lack of English

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Call me crazy, but seems to me if this were true, which I don't believe it is, it would make the news. It might not say anything about Blacklist; however, seems as if it would say coders were arrested for hacking DN, or something to that affect, especially if it were a big sting.

In addition, I doubt that Blacklist is going to be in ANY chat room giving details, especially when they can be logged, that would help get him/her in trouble. That seems as if it would be plain stupidity, and I can't see them being stupid. I think they/he would be cautious.

Think about it. Food for thought. }

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brackwrist busted in chinatown too

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stop making up stories buddy

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All of these thugs are spreading is solid Sh*it because their azzes are loaded with it.

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Com-on now , My man B/L is at the Plavik fight .Look and you'll see a short Chinese dude seated in the third row . Check it !

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Get a life how seem familiar!!!! F*ck off or ill kick your sorry @ss

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How long--LOL..word is he is an Arab who lives in Southern California.

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where can i download loader for viewsat xtrem

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annspring--should find it at Crazyfta (.com)

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Registered: May-06 time you have a pansat to jatag..send them my way instead...i'm not a dealer so i can't get busted. i successfully jtagged 3 pansat 2700. actually if i can do it...anybody can. my learning curve on fta took a leap when i learned to jtag.

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It's all about copying and pasting sources from fta sites buddy.

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i understand the fbi like to crack down on criminals

and they get involved in stupid stuff... but they are not worryin about no boxes with unlimited channels. im sure they got sumone in their family using something along the lines too

somebody is hooked up
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