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Let me just add few things yo won't find on wikipedia or google
- MPEG-2 MPEG-4 and QPSK are best described as encoded digital data schemes
- Encoding does not equal compression
- Encoding is 1:1 equivalent
- Compression is reduction of size
- Compression is taking a digital mega pixel and reducing its size

Let me give yo an example:
If you have 1 hour of video footage digitized to broadcast quality of 60 Mega pixel rate will be about 30GByte. Using MPEG encoding quality at 6 Mega pixel compression will be broadcast ready for a total of 3GByte with superior digital quality. That is the magic buety of MPEG technology.
If I use a compression rate of 4Mega pixel total size will be 2GByte instead of 3GByte

So you can say MPEG is both encoding/compression
Encoding is a standard process. Compression is a set rate effecting over all quality. Low Mega Pixel the compression is low quality. Hi Mega Pixel is high quality.

Full HD format can be 1920x1080i
NTSC is 30 frames per second
1080i=30 frames per second
1080p=60 frames per second
p=progressive scan
i=can also be made from 60 frames enhanced to 30 odd fields and 30 even fields. Old techniques that fool the eye but recently best perfected with newer HDTV sets that over $2000 (1080p) it can take 480i/p, 720p, 1080i to best possible display

1080i represent vertical lines however, one of the secrets I can pass onto yo all that DTV take horizontal lines and compress it to save bandwidth. i.e. they can take a 1920 and make it 1440. Stretch the pixel size to fill up entire screen without stretching over all quality.
It is a secrete, don't tell anyone
I got few other casual stuff here:
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