Viewsat Not Making Sense


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Can anyone explain how there can only be a fix for Dn on the ultra,xtreme,and HD while there is a total fix for the PVR and PRO? Is there any point in waiting for a bev fix to be released?

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If you don't want to wait I guess you should go cable or subscribe.......

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Hey lroy, it's not a matter of waiting, i do have cable hooked up to the same television, I'm just interested in why some vs have a fix for both while others only have a fix for dn. You want to throw your 2 cents in then why don't you explain it to me then.

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I know what u mean smoke74, it total BULL, it's like the viewsat company is devided in 2 nobody know what the other half is doing!!!
Something is definetly going wrong with that company man, i think i am about to trash their receivers and go captive

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They are just Totally a taken back by the Fact that Pansat came out with a fix for older box's Hours before VS could

oh and as far as the coders sick father same coders Father died once before and that was the excuss used back then LOL

The Soap opera continues

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They probably have problems implementing their new code on older less powerfull CPU's.

Everyone should relax. They are probably in the process of optimizing the code until it runs on those older units.

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lroy- smoke asked a legitimate question and you flammed him for no reason....

i notice this site if full of assclowns like LROY who think they are funny........

i hope lroy asks a legitimate question and EVERYONE FLAMES HIM

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Viewsat the company sells their boxes for true free to air reception. They claim no affiliation with the coders who provide the code to steal DN and BEV.

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It's very simple Viewsat is in the middle of a lawsuit for haveing best support, first with bins so to discredit that accusation they must hold their releases until last.

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Semore, that is pure crap and you know it. Stop giving out false information.
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