HELP AN ELDER with programming ??????


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OK folks, sure you have seen this a hundred times before, but I performed a huge search and did not find what exactly I was looking for, so PLEASE FOLKS I am desperite here:
I will tell you what I have to the best of my capibilities. I bought which you all KNOW as the PAPA combo, and these folks SUCK, they charged me 700 and I have been trying for a month to get working.
I have an atmega card unlocked
pre tagged 301 receiver
1 atmega programmer from same co, it has a serial plug in and then 2 small connecters that are round that will connect to each other if need to be, all I know there sorry
i bought the 25 pin connector to connect to computer also

I did download jeepers, and try to get working, it does come up, but will not program
I have no dam clue here what process is or is not.
I did like this, I plugged atmega card into comp via pin, then connected programmer via 9 pin and connected that onto atmega card, then went into program loaded conf, and then went to atmel 128 did epromm/erase/whatever, and NOTHING!
I am sorry folks, I think I really got it up the butt on this sale and am sorry for asking you all, BUT I have no clue where to turn, FTA out of CANADA the sellor of PAPA, WILL NOT help me here!And they claim they have 24/7 help and everything, I am really thinking of just driving to CANADA and kicking the 700 dollars out of their butts, and then go on CNN and say I had a right as they have the right to FTA HA?
So please anyone here that can be explesit to the point please do so.I need step by step, or I can call anyone that wants me to or give reg e mail, anyway I can get figured out here I am game.

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I would go ask at dsstester.c0m
u will get great help there. Thats what a lot of them do.

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nobody does plastic or atmega here, but
yes, dsstester is a good (of the very few) sites to go.
but you will have to register first. then go to a section called
Dish Forums/Non-Plastic Testing/Atmega
once there, maybe you'll read some not so good news.....
( C&P )
"Well, Charlie has introduced more crap into the stream and its being worked on for the 256 first to cut down the freezing....The 128 fix is in the works but I don't have a clue when, or if, it will be ready...There is still more junk for Charlie to throw at us....He is very serious this time.His coders are earning their paycheck...."

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