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What the hell happened to them?

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Mr. Viewsat is watching free TV on his pansat :-)

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Posted by oleg today.

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 06:50 pm:
[07:34 PM] da_nc: as for the primary focus of the VS coders, I'm sure once they get the code done for the latest receiver, the write of the code for older receivers wouldn't be far behind.
[07:32 PM] da_nc: tvme, I'm not talking the time from downtime, I'm refering to the time of bin release by each coder group.
[07:21 PM] tvme999: Of course, those arn't out yet either.....
[07:19 PM] tvme999: I think the honeymoon is over with VS, cuz they are busy working on the newer systems (Ultra and HD) to jump to keep the Plat and Xtrem happy.
[07:16 PM] tvme999: I think your time line is off a bit. all went bad about 47 hours ago. Nov 21st around 4:30 pm PST
[07:11 PM] da_nc: Guess it matters more to those folks that depend only on a FTA receiver for TV entertainment.
[07:10 PM] da_nc: When talking about Viewsat getting slower, as it stands right now they're what, 10-12 hrs behind? Not much in my book. Most of the big players seems to release new bins in about 12-36 hrs of each other.
[05:52 PM] GateKeeper: gotta book, be back soon....
[05:47 PM] GateKeeper: i was trying to ease the server only wanted to remove the search, not new posts,
[05:46 PM] billybob: Thanks, thought I was loosing what last intelligence I had left
[05:45 PM] GateKeeper: new posts option
[05:45 PM] GateKeeper: its back
[05:44 PM] GateKeeper: they might be slow, but they do produce, it will just be a matter of waiting a bit longer, I am sure they will not leave us hanging too much longer
[05:44 PM] billybob: The new posts option has been disabled, any particular reason why?
[05:43 PM] addtemp: Yes but unfortunate after there reputation i just bought there receiver first time ever 3 weeks ago
[05:32 PM] GateKeeper: unfortunately you are correct, but hey they were the first for the longest time, maybe they are in a slump...of some sort..
[05:27 PM] addtemp: Viewsat is really getting slower and slower with each update....
[05:27 PM] GateKeeper: not yet
[05:26 PM] addtemp: Viewset Pro any News????
[04:48 PM] GateKeeper: it's not anywhere yet...
[04:42 PM] jedi68: No yet
[04:38 PM] kamalpreet122: is the new viewsat extreme bin here ??
[03:53 PM] therepo: There, done.
[01:54 PM] therepo: just needs to be renamed for buzz plus
[01:54 PM] zilo64: thanks da_nc
[01:54 PM] therepo: buzz file is already out if SV 1000 is, lol
[01:53 PM] zilo64: Therepo good catch that file should be deleted and wait for new buzz file coming out,Nice catch.
[01:47 PM] therepo: zilo please see file in holding cell if you can fix it
[01:44 PM] da_nc: Zilo, Don't know much about you but know you contribute a lot. I hope what ever has you less than 100% you're able to recover from quickly.
[01:35 PM] zilo64: thanks mclinkus,yes therepo still here
[01:32 PM] GateKeeper: gotta go, be back in a few, it's lunch time....
[01:18 PM] mclinkus: zilo glad to see you my friend. hope your recovery is speedy
[01:15 PM] GateKeeper: glad to see your still around,,,,,you take it easy,,,don't push to hard,,,recovery is crucial..
[01:14 PM] therepo: zilo, you still here?
[01:11 PM] zilo64: Just came out from a Hospital my friends 3 days ago slowly but getting there
[01:10 PM] GateKeeper: glad to see your up and about there Zilo....thanks for the updated files...
[01:06 PM] zilo64: Hey therepo how are you my friend
[01:03 PM] therepo: Hi ho Zilo
[01:00 PM] zilo64: Hello everyone
[10:53 AM] therepo: morning Bekim
[10:39 AM] Bekim: by the way good morning tv viewers!!!
[10:38 AM] Bekim: i hope so, my plat, xtreme, Pro, and ultra are down
[09:38 AM] therepo: I'm sure VS files will be out today, but yes, they are not king of the hill anymore
[08:44 AM] Dark-Aries: Naaaahhhhhhhhhh
[08:44 AM] Dark-Aries: ......
[08:44 AM] Dark-Aries: but whyis Vs falling behind lately, has Bl cleaned uyp his act or has CS and CW gotten new coders?
[08:43 AM] Dark-Aries: Pansat,CW and CS fixes out! Expect VSa nd the others to follow
[06:32 AM] Sticky: Was'up my viewers!!
[Yesterday 11:47 PM] GateKeeper: nite,,,,,enjoy what is left of what can be watched...
[Yesterday 11:45 PM] tvme999: ok, guests are gone, so I guess I will go find a movie on a channel that still works... may the force be with us tomorrow, or monday if need be.... Nite

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9000hd just got out

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Where at ?
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