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C/P from Royce News:
Beaware of FTA gal // 2007-11-10
Rumor is that she might be working both sides, she did admit that she talked to Nagra security head guy but claimed that she is writing a "book" (I do not believe that).
Not long ago she did rip off a person who I know well and believe him without a shadow of a doubt, she sold him both ftagal.com domain and an other one for 10K, got the money and then ask godaddy to reset the password (by giving them the last 4 digits of the credit card they used when registered those domains), when confronted she resorted to blackmail by saying she will cooperate with "authorities" against them.
Long story short, be careful if you ever dealt with her, you will get ripped off even worst you might get reported to Nagra security department (since she goes out and have lunch with them).

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:47 pm Post subject: ftagalnewsonline WARNING


I have undeniable proof that the scum who run ftagalnewsonline.com

a. attempted to and or extorted members of the dss community by claiming to be in contact with charlies people

b. Accepted goods for services unrendered to the toon of 10k

c. have used and or manipulated good members of the dss community to obtain funds and information to be used for there personal gain

There are many more details and I will be releaseing more information as I get it. PLease bare with me as I hope we can eradicate these scum A>S>A>P

DO not speak with or have any contact with ftagalnewsonline for they are in continual contact with Nagra security.

Anette and Rick Larson are the worst kind of scammers. Once good members of the community now forced to the darkside to obtain funds to protect there own hides.

They bost 1000's of documeants containing voice recordings , email addys, phone conversations, and chat logs. They have used this "book" to try and extort many upstanding pilers of the community.

I will report as the story grows

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:48 pm Post subject:


Most of you know my style I have opened threads at many dss sites out there and have wriiten Rick and Annete a few letters through ftagal. Well I have now stepped it up and emailed the directly.....


Hi Rick,

Seems to me that you and your Wife Annette have been very busy trying to extort and scam many people in the dss community.

I have been elected by the community to get to the bottom of this issue.

I have opened many threads about this subject at numerous dss sites and will continue to open threads at many others.
So far I have only one side of the story from many people in the community.

I will tell you that the evidence against seems to be overwhelming.

I would like to here your side of the story.

It seems many people are very upset concerning ftagalnewsonline and I have been pressured to release personal information about you and your wife.

Please contact me to discuss these allegations. I will make sure that your story will be told.
I truly hope that this is a huge misunderstanding and that you can make this clear to all.

My msn is lunavic50@hotmail.com

I would like to set up a 1 to 1 interview at a forum that only you and I can post.

This matter is considered urgent and your lack of a response will lead me to believe that that the allegations against you are true. i will then be forced to act accordingly.

Thank you for your Time Rick x. of xxxxx Floxxx. I hope to here from you sooner than later.


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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:49 pm Post subject:


well its worse than I thought. Rick has sent me this....

This is already under investgation.
Call the following for further information
90 Inverness Circle East
Englewood, CO 80112
Tel. +1 303 706 5700
I have been advised not to discuss this or make any changes to my website.
Thank you.

Now what this means is that that large pile of emails, voice recordings, chat conversations, and so on and so forth that the man is advertiseing on his web site is in the hands of Nagra security right now. Bad news for many in the dss community.

So they have obviously rolled over on all the good people who have tried to help them.

If you have had any dealings with these people I would be expecting to be contacted by Nagra authorities.

I am kind of unclear on what I should do next.
Part of me wants to release all the info I have on These folks and throw them to the dogs. Like they have done! This is truly one of the saddest storys I have ever been involved in. But one thing for sure is that its all in the hands of Nagra Security forces.

Any suggestions?


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