Satellite HD Vs CableTV HD by "King"


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At present time all Satellite providers are still upgrading their HD Broadcast and charging a little too much for few HD channels.

FTA HD is also still an expensive option

I'm sure you pay for Internet and Phone Service
At least I hope yo pay for internet (not sharing your next door neighbor free )
Add all yo pay and do a quick comparison.

Cable TV is a terrific option
No one hates Cable customer service more than me
But I must speak the truth

I got Cable TV
Triple pack i/o Interactive Optimum NYC area (Phone/Internet/Cable) all 3 Standard promo for $90
I got:
Unlimited phone calls cost to cost
1 Digital SD Box with Tivo
1 HD digital box (1080i)
3 Analog cable lines (75 channels in 3 rooms)
Family package for $103.65 per month
Silver package IS AN OPTION includes all movie channels like HBO, MAX, SHO, STZ, ENC, TMC
(55 movie channels all for only $10 more)

These are some of HD line up I get all included:
Plus all locals HD: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CWB

(RAVHD got awesome Concerts) MONHD is all horror movies in HD and WSPHD great sports)

What I don't get in HD
I just don't know why

But I'm 110% happy with this package
Too bad I don't watch a lot of TV lately

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All cable companies and even Verizon (they give ya FREE DTV included...200 channels) offers the same deal...its NO biggie...except cable TV SUCKS!

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That is a good price. Mine would be like 130 here for the basic triple pack.
Well for a few months its a little cheaper

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There is no 200 HD channels boss
I'm talking about HD Broadcast Satellite VS cable

Satellites offer very little HD channels
i/o Cable is different from regular cable
Fiber optic true 1080i HD

i/o cable got the most HD channels than any satellite provider
Biggest problem with satellite they carry too much locals HD jamming their down-link bandwidth

At present time i/o cable got the edge
Down-link to fiber optic local cable broadcast.

Verizon got their own FIOS triple pack for $95
But no analog cable

If someone looking for the most HD Broadcast
This is it guys.......i/o Cable
It is growing in NYC like crazy
This is big deal for HDTV viewers

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DTV will have over 100 HD channels this next year...and Bev has over 55 now for Free with FTA..

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Hey King...this look familiar from last March?

- DN had finally launched their massive upgrade
- They are moving very fast with a new strategy
- Right now they are running a parallel frequency with exact same program. I was able to intercept both frequencies. and man oh man they are very good.
- The primry service can be easly decyphered using spoof bin programs. But the parallel won't
This can only mean one thing and one thing only.

I have been watching this activity for nearly 3 months and I did speak about it 3 weeks ago. In a thread called "Attention FTA users" What I see now is very fast development. THE END IS NEAR.

You guys know me I would never report false information. King would never post false claims. This is how you can check for yourself. At about 1000 kHz for every channel there is an identical channel with same exact EPG and subcode. If you do blind scan you'll get doubles of everything. One good channel other no audio or video or even signal. No new bin will solve it. This is different. TRUST ME

So the bottom line is how long until they turn off the light?. I say 2 weeks to 3 months as an educated guess depending on completing their unknown tests.

This report is for real. No joke no prank
Exactly how long is anyone's guess and can not be avoided. At least you got my notice.

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That's why I started by saying at "present time"

NO PTA for DTV yet
Very few HD perhaps the fewest of all providers

BEV MPEG-2 720p is a joke

Today's HDTVs 1080p and ready for action
At least 1080i to see quality HD sports

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As of 3 days ago DTV finally made good on their promises
A whole new HD lineup in MPEG-4 1080i (9/27/07)
Some of their line up like:

On 103°W (New lineup in 1080i)
209 ESPN 2 HD
212 NFL Network
220 Big Ten Network
245 TNT HD
247 TBS East
248 TBS East
265 A&E East
267 Smithsonian Channel
269 The History Channel
278 Discovery Channel USA
280 TLC
282 Animal Planet
284 The Science Channel
362 The Weather Channel US


501 HBO East
509 HBO West
510 DirecTV HD Guide
518 Starz Kids & Family
519 Starz Comedy
520 Starz East
521 Starz West
522 Starz Edge East
537 Showtime East
538 Showtime Too
540 Showtime West
544 The Movie Channel
604 Versus
605 The Golf Channel US

On 110°W (Old lineup)
71 Showtime HD
74 Universal HD
76 Discovery HD Theater
77 National Geographic Channel HD US
78 HDNet Movies
509 HBO HDTV East
537 Showtime East
543 Showtime East

I truly do not know if they are if 103°W HD is an 8PSK or not I would assume they are but their public record doesn't say.

So I ask if any one (non-noobie) who is got an 8PSK Module to point to 103°W and scan. Of course it will be encrypted and yo won't see or hear any broadcast BUT CAN YO GET A LINE UP?}

This can predict the future of my December 2006 prophecy.
See yo in heaven

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Cable and Verizon's FTTP will be best, pizza dish SD looks like crap there HD is washed out, I can't watch mini dish HD or SD on my 52" I only watch OTA and 4dtv SD and HD, there is a very big difference in image quality and sound quality, the distribution feeds are great, cable and Verizon rebroadcast these distribution feeds, I would guess Verizon justs simple encodes these feeds for rebroadcast, Cable depending on there bandwidth probably compress these feeds before rebroadcasting them but most cable co's will not over compress them like small dish providers do.

Yes DTV will be putting up more HD but if it looks as crappy as there current HD lite then they can keep it, Dish HD is ok well some channels, Bell is pretty crappy Star Choice has some pretty ok feeds.

I am happy with my big dish for now, I tried the others and was not happy, yes my HD is limited but it looks good, with my pci card I have seen some raw HD feeds that look better than blu ray discs, feed hunting is great, I will also wait to see if NPS is able to off c-band users the iptv service they have mentioned, this will be a good thing to look into as 4dtv slowly goes dark.

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FTA sd receiver for most stuff. Old-style big honking roof antenna for all local network HD stations. And those are FREE. NO monthly cable crap bill. NO monthly satellite bill. It would be nice but do you really need everything you watch to be in HD. You get plenty of weekend sports in HD on the networks as well as all the regular nightly shows. If you live in a major city especially there is NO reason to pay for anything when it's FREE OTA!

Just my opinion.

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Hey, King....Whats up?
I had cable about five(5) years ago.
The only good thing that I can say about
cable is that, they got me interested in
FTA Satellite TV.

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Ya Right

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Cable is great, but i dont think the cow in the back 40 can get it up to my house.....ya bad joke. some of us dont have the option of going cable. its "peasant vision" or Sat

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Old analog cable sucks 110%
Digital cable i/o (Interactive Optimum) Fiber optic as good as any satellite if not better
i/o Family HD channels are free
No contracts

Ferizon FIOS is great as well
Yo need a $5 receiver for each room
They offer free DVR now

Check this out guys
HITS by Comcast
HITS on Galaxy 16 at 99.0°W

They call it Digital Cable
Mainly for Hotels or high rising apartments
1 Satellite to a distribution Amp
Receiver to each apartment

What I see
They use DigiCypher-2
Same as Star*Choice
If yo know what I mean

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Yes the HITS feeds are pretty cool, not as good as the main distribution feed but the quality is still a bit better than pizza crap, many people use a 90cm dish with a 4dtv DSR 905 sidecar to sub to these services, SRL has some great deals and they have some great ku-band only packages.

Keep in mind a setup like this you will not get a guide, and the 4dtv must have been authorized for digital and it would be good to load the latest maps off c-band before you get this system.
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