Bev up to something??


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Username: Edenman

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5pm I lost Bev, anyone else? I noticed they had all PPV end for 5pm too. Back on now tho.. Out for like 20 minutes. Maintenence mabe??

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when you loose tv for a bit could be the companies changing keys. the other thing is some boxes take a little longer than others to roll, or like you said they could be up to something new. who knows. just make the most of what your getting.

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Nagra2 Keys
Dish Provider 0101: Last Updated (Oct20 7pm)

Key0: AD D4 B6 11 BC FE 23 73 23 8E D1 1E D9 5A C7 D0
Key1: 7E 87 A1 1F 5D 3E 3E 47 57 C6 1A 36 FC 83 3C C7 (active)

Bev Provider 0901: Last Updated (Oct22 3pm)

key0: 60 57 68 86 DD 77 4E 83 E8 30 6A D7 5A 8E 49 63
Key1: 73 43 7B 89 F1 34 92 C6 81 56 AD 59 02 0F C4 68

00 Key
EB 4A C4 1A 45 5B DD 23
54 7E EF 4B 3A BF 4D 62--> Active

01 Key
83 20 3C A8 E5 7B 93 A6
7B 12 67 AB 40 62 03 B1

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Username: Edenman

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My viewsat usually rolls in seconds, I had black screen for 20 minutes.. I guess it was just a key change, but that one was different than others in the last 2 months I think, took so long to roll!!

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Early morning the receiver began "updating transponders"...then everything went off.

i couldn't get it 2 work even by manually inserting the keys.

I checked the forums and heard hour later most of the channels were back up, but no signal on many of them.

I've noticed no signal on some Dish Net channels as well - HBO Comedy.

I did a blind scan soon after all that but nothing changed - haven't tried it since...still goofing around with the Nexus card and Ritz.

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