Now the time for n1be4me to crack dtv


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Since dn/bev fta history.

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he's retired..

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D*mn 111 Whoe's gonna replace him? Thoes cananadian guru's thats screwed all card coders? can't think of there names now, but u know who.

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LK it is not a "he" but a they, and how the hell do you know they are "retired", LOL

Because they have not come out with a P4/5 fix to the increased protectionism? LOL

you know nothing... nothing

you are an idiot.

it is best to remain silent and look like a fool than open your mouth to confirm it trying to seem like a know it all.

here is a hint, they conducted work from the abstracts in unlocking the HU, did you notice I used the word "unlock" than unloop. Suprise!


Now STFU LK, you give past groups a bad name with your vested interest and spreading false rumors.

People from no1b4me with no profile now are spread thin and a far distance from being exposed by people like you, what makes you think they retired is beyond me?

The more they need a fix, the greater the unappreciative pressures by parties with an economic interest, the more these heads say screw you like I am telling you right now.

They don't do it for the money, never have. They have however spawned money motivated parasite from their thankless efforts by providing so much for free to a hobby that charged a fortune to once unlock a card.

This attributes to the real story behind why the fat lady sings LK.

With your limited understanding,you have no clue what you are saying or who you are talking to sometimes. You are clueless... just clueless...

retired my butt, and it is not a he, but a them...

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Sorry but I totally disagree with U..

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Ediosn, Nj Usa

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Do you know when is pansat 3500 bins gone come out

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George go learn something first then maybe you'll know enought to bash someone! Newbie!!!
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