Latest News on DTV-DN Merger Prospect!!


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I found this article posted on D$$-Te$ter.

To my point of view, this is NOT GOOD, given past experience of FTA with DTV. Hope I'm wrong!!

"Posted By: mas521ca on 07-18-2006
Dish Does Well On Merger Rumor

Print media's well-publicized downturn may be a sign of things to come, but a recent story from the West Coast is proving there still is power in the pen. When EchoStar Communications' DISH Network closed trading yesterday up 6.17 percent ($32.52), some credited the upswing on an article in the LA Times hinting at rumors of a takeout of DISH by rival DirecTV.

The article said EchoStar CEO Charlie Ergen has been telling people at the Sun Valley Media Conference that a merger between the two satellite television companies would save DISH around $3 billion in expenses. The article also said DirecTV brass believes the regulatory environment to be more favorable for a merger than the last time the subject came up.

And with the FCC's seemingly-painless Adelphia approval, industry watchers agree that consolidation is in the air. Although it would still be difficult to get approval for the combination, Kaufman Bros.' Todd Mitchell said if a deal were coming down the pipe it would likely come sooner than later in order to get the process out of the way before the 2008 elections.

Wachovia's Jeffrey Wlodarczak added that DirecTV's CFO, Mike Palkovic has voiced the company's interest in DISH, and insiders feel their joint application for AWS spectrum being auctioned by the FCC supports the possibility of a merger. "We believe that a combined DISH and DTV entity would be worth more than the two companies as stand alones," he said.

"If a deal were to be announced, we think shares of both DTV and DISH would respond positively," Mitchell said."

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i know that from dsstester

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One word why this will never happen: MONOPOLY.

In order for this deal to happen it has to be appored by congress which aint going to happen. It would create a monopoly that would crush any competition which will never be allowed by congress. The telecommunications field, which satellite telvision is part of, is one of the most regulated buisnesses in the country.
I think it is more probable that DTV buy BEV than buying Dish. In the hypothetical case that this were true, it would entail changes in a whole sh*tload of federal, state and local laws to allow such a deal, and that will not happen. So people please relax and chill out. The lack of free tv is getting to you.

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Even if for some insane reason the merger was possible, DTV would still have to use DN equipment and decryption until they swap for their own. That would take years and a lot of money!

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You guys are right about that. Nevertheless, Congress has shown to be lax lately, reason why it wouldn't surprise me if the deal goes through.

I really hope we'll have some real good FT@ news soon.
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